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4 Things About Quartz Stone Slabs That You Must Know

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Quartz countertops are a good option for making your kitchen look fresh and stunning, but how do you know it is right for your home? As a professional quartz stone manufacturer, we list 4 things about quartz stone that you must know.

How Is Quartz Stone Made?

Many people would consider quartz stone a kind of natural stone by its name, but the fact is that it is a man-made engineered stone. Generally, quartz stone manufacturers produce quartz stone slabs by mixing about 93% natural quartz crystal with 7% resins, polymers, pigments, and other auxiliaries. This combination turns quartz stone into a unique and aesthetic countertop with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures similar to the natural stone.

During the manufacturing process, the raw quartz crystal must be processed through mineral separation, washing, and purification to ensure no heavy metal and radioactive substances in the finished products. Then through a series of complex processes like heat temperature and high pressure, all raw materials can be made into a green countertop for the kitchen.

quartz stone manufacturing process

Is Quartz Stone Good For Bathroom?

Quartz is undoubtedly good for kitchens, but would it be the same for your bathroom? It is absolutely a great choice if you want to install quartz stone in your bathroom. Quartz stone slabs can be used for vanity countertops and shower backsplash in the bathroom for their excellent water-resistant performance. In addition, quartz stone is easy-cleaning, so simple wiping with a wet cloth is helpful enough. There are also countless styles of quartz stone to fit in your bathroom and bring a sense of elegance and luxury.

bathroom quartz stone

Is Quartz Stone Long-lasting?

Due to the durable raw materials and complex manufacturing process, quartz countertops have a long service life with proper maintenance. Quartz stone has a hard surface so that it can withstand most daily wear and scratch. What’s more, quartz stone can resist high temperature and moisture, which makes it more durable. Where you buy quartz stones affects a lot their quality and life span. Your quartz countertops can be long-lasting if you buy from a trusty and top manufacturer or supplier.

Quartz Stone Isn’t Quartzite

When selecting quartz stone, you probably notice another similar material called quartzite. Unlike quartz stone, quartzite is a natural stone that contains over 85% of quartz.

Quartzite has high hardness and low water absorption. It can be used as a building material, especially for outdoor stones, such as paving stones, floors, cladding, and so on. Besides, quartzite has excellent high-temperature resistance, but its texture is brittle, and the bending strength is not so good, so it is easy to suffer from the short crack. Some types of quartzite even have higher radiation. It is not recommended to use quartzite for kitchens and bathrooms because it is not waterproof, and you need to seal it to prevent stains during daily use.

To Buy Good Quartz Stone Slabs

VIVA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quartz stone slabs, providing quartz countertops of numerous styles to fit in your kitchens, bathroom, and other residential and commercial space. We also offer a customization service for every customer. For more information about our products and service, welcome to contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com.






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