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5 Untold Secrets About Installing Kitchen Countertops

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Are you looking to sell your home anytime soon? Then changing a few kitchen features can help you retain well over 80% value for the property. In the world of investments, one prudent decision is to always make changes to the home prior to selling. If this is you, installing new countertops should be a part of your remodeling project.

Or perhaps, you just moved in and didn’t like the countertop choice? Well, installing a new one should be on your priority list. If your countertops are broken or damaged, chances are you will and cabinets will feel the hurt as well. Hence, procrastinating the repair will only do you more harm than good, both in the long and short term.

So, if, for any of these reasons, you’re looking forward to installing new countertops, here are 5 untold secrets to help you add value and ultimately save money.

Never plan toward major holidays

Never plan your installation against the busiest times of the year. During holidays, when everyone is around, embarking on an installation will only drive you up the wall. You would have no place to make your meals, which can be quite frustrating.

Of course, it's normal that you want to show off your countertop during this period. But, the holidays are still the worst time to schedule an installation. Although your designer can compromise to work during this period, it might incur unnecessary labor costs.

Your designer choice will make or mar your efforts

The genesis of your entire effort is picking the right designer. If you get it wrong in this regard, chances are you’ll get almost every other thing wrongly. You’ll find several designers around you who are always there to ensure that your next countertop beats your expectation. But the problem is finding them. To rid you of this stress, however, VivaQuartzStone is a one-stop for all your needs.

It is important to also build a rapport and decent communication with your designer. With this, you can understand each other clearly and communicate your needs and wants seamlessly.

All in all, never embark on installing a countertop or writing that check without getting comfortable with the designer. With this, you’re surely off to a right start.

DYOR – Do your own research

DYOR is a phrase that has always held significance across almost every investment and walks of life. When looking to install a new countertop, research the available options and materials. Quartz makes one of the most durable and reliable countertop materials while going easy on your budget. But if it still seems overly expensive for you, you’ll always get the right material with just a little research.

Your designer is always ready to discuss possibilities. Show them your kitchen images, discuss the tones, key considerations, and others.

Factor in your fixtures

Sinks, faucets, and fixtures are usually the least consideration when planning a countertop installation. Hence, you might eventually notice a sink that doesn't go with your cabinet. So, you should always try to match your fixtures when considering an installation.

Stay with the designer

Make sure you’re not going anywhere on the day of the installation. With this, you can highlight your quirks and peculiarities in real-time. You also get to add feedback and restructure the space as they work. Also, you want to keep your appliances on-site, so you can see how they fit into the new countertop choice.

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