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An outlook of Our New Quartz Stone Showroom

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Among various manufacturers in the quartz stone the manufacturing industry, Foshan Viva Quartz Stone remains a brand with an unswerving dedication to giving her customers the best products and services whenever quartz stone is the call.


For over 15 years of active service in the manufacturing industry, we have displayed a high level of proficiency in both the design and manufacture of quartz stone. And we continue to serve as the home of high-quality quartz stone for our teaming customer.


And this passion of ours to Work on Top prompts our establishment of a modern Quartz Stone showroom in Chancheng, Foshan. 


The project kicked off in January 2020. It is necessitated by our strong desire to give our customers a good and conducive environment. The new showroom will allow you to better access the innovative quartz stones that we curate from our factory daily.


The blueprint of our new showroom is a joint effort of our team and the designer. We discussed the display areas, hand-picked the quartz slabs that not only best representing our various series of quartz stones, but also perfectly matching the environment. Our modern quartz stone showroom consists of various space divisions, such as model display area, kitchen, bathroom & living stimulation rooms. 

Our workers also show their expertise during the construction of the showroom. They transformed the blueprint into reality with precision.

An outlook of Our New Quartz Stone Showroom-

An outlook of Our New Quartz Stone Showroom    

The modern Quartz Stone showroom is an ultra-modern edifice. It designed and built to be an architectural heaven that gives our customers the much-anticipated environment and space to smoothly navigate the various sections of our showroom with ease.


Above all, we are pleased to inform you that the modern edifice of our quartz stone showroom is on the last lap of completion, and the prototype of the showroom is already visible.

 An outlook of Our New Quartz Stone -Showroom

An outlook of Our New Quartz Stone Showroom--

So, we are using this time to say a very big thank you for your patience throughout the construction of our quartz stone showroom, as well as your continued patronage of all our top-class quartz products. 


For this, we are gladly saying “you are most welcome” to our exquisite quartz stone showroom – a place where you can boldly say is a one-stop-shop for all your premium quartz stone needs.


Why Visit VIVA Quartz Stone showroom?

At Viva Quartz Stone, we are known as the leading manufacturer of the best quality quartz stone of various types and sizes, which our peers in the industry are yet to attain.


Evident to our claims of being the best in the market is our hard-to-find professional slab forming molds that can produce the largest slab dimension of 3200 x 1800mm. An incredible slab size, you can say!


Once again, you are highly welcome to our Quartz Stone showroom in Chancheng, Foshan – your trusted destination for various quartz stones of the best quality.






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