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Are Quartz and Granite Natural or Artificial?

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If you’ve been considering a new work surface, it’s vital to consider the different materials available to you. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent options on the market in this day and age. With this thought in mind, we have summarized some of the key things you need to know about quartz and granite as follows to help inform your decision – including what it is, the key features of quartz and granite, and whether these materials might be a good option for your own needs.

What are Quartz and Granite?

Before we go any further, we should first quickly outline what quartz and granite are.

Granite is naturally formed stone material, typically mined from the earth and refined before being used in construction projects and the like. Quartz is an artificial stone, made of 93% quartz sand, with a small amount of resin and pigment.

It is important to consider here that both quartz and granite are incredibly strong and durable, which can make them popular in applications such as kitchen use.

Furthermore, we should clarify here that both quartz and marble are deemed to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing. But, to a degree, this will always depend on the individual. So, before investing in quartz or granite countertops, always ensure that it’s the right option for your needs. Many brands give out free samples to help with this decision; alternatively, you could consider investing in a sample of quartz or granite to get a rough idea of what this might look like in your home.

When considering the difference between quartz and granite from a practical perspective, it’s important to consider that quartz is much easier to clean and maintain. Overall, quartz does not require so much careful care since it is naturally non-porous. Comparatively, natural stone, such as granite, can be porous, meaning it must be sealed before installation. The sealing process ensures that granite is protected, but this may need to be repeated to get the best results.

classic pure color quartz slab

Are Quartz and Granite Natural or Artificial?

Granite is a natural material, but it is usually processed further before ending up in your home or commercial business. Quartz stone itself is artificial and undergoes processing further, which means that quartz is often available in a wider range of colors and styles accordingly. Furthermore, all quartz and granite slabs will be manually cut to size to fit your customized project.

In addition, it’s worth considering that granite can offer a highly affordable option. However, granite cannot adjust its pattern, and as such, it may not offer the perfect color or style that you need. So, if you want the most breathtaking look for your property, we would still recommend trying quartz.

Final Thoughts

Finding the optimal materials for your own home or commercial property is never a simple process. However, in many cases, this can seem understandably difficult – which is why our experts have outlined some of the key things you should know about top-quality quartz and granite surfaces. Hopefully, this may have helped you find the ideal solutions for your own worksurface goals.






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