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Classic Polished Quartz Slab: An Environmentally Responsible Design Option

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-20      Origin: Site

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When it comes to the choice of material for countertops, non-toxic and environmentally responsible options continue to be the target of many homeowners.


Although living green and using only environmentally friendly materials may mean different things to different groups of people, when it comes to quartz slabs, everyone seems to be on the same page of the agreement due to their environmental friendliness.


Why this is so isn't far-fetched. The classic polished quartz slabs are a unique piece of home fixtures with incredible qualities that make them stand out among other countertop materials.


In fact, from their physical appearance, you can tell that the classic polished quartz slab is a smart and elegant countertop material with a superior design.


Besides just being smart with a superior design, classic polished quartz slabs undergo rigorous testings that make them way greener and responsible compared to other countertop materials.


However, when hitting the market for the classic polished quartz slab, it is best to source for them from a professional manufacturer.


Classic Polished Quartz Slab An Environmentally Responsible Design Option

Doing this will assure you of getting exactly a countertop material with the features and qualities (eco-friendliness), which you expect.


So, you may be thinking “what exactly makes the classic polished quartz slab and environmentally responsible countertop material?” Read on to learn more!


1. They Use Recycled Materials

While the world is tilting rapidly toward a greener environment, one major concern for people is having materials that can easily be recycled.


And like you would rightly guess, one of the advantages of this engineered countertop material is that they use recycled materials, and this you can tell goes a long way to reducing the buildup of waste in the environment.


Although the classic polished quartz slab is designed to last for decades, a time will definitely come where you may need to recycle them.


For this reason, working with a professional manufacturer of classic polished quartz slab will help you know how to go about this when the time is right.


Moreover, engineered quartz stone does not need to be mined on the mountain, and it also plays a good role in protecting resources and the environment.


Although engineered quartz stone is artificially synthesized, we, as a conscientious merchant on the market, use qualified environmentally friendly, and high-quality materials. Quality and safety can be assured, and it will never cause harm to the human body.


2. They Don’t Require Toxic Cleaners

Very outstanding about the classic polished quartz slab is their non-porous surface.


This, you can tell makes it impossible to breed bacteria and other microorganisms.


For this reason, you don’t need any toxic cleaner for cleaning the classic polished quartz slab due to the accumulation of microorganisms.


To keep your classic polished quartz slab glowing every day in style, all you need for cleaning it is a non-abrasive sponge or a soft dishcloth soaked in warm water.


However, when trying to clean off stubborn stains, avoid cleaners with an acidic pH, which may discolor or fade the shine of your classic polished quartz slab.


3. They Come In A Wide Variety of Colors

Quartz is usually designed to mimic the natural look of most natural stones.


Also, they are usually manufactured with a wide range of colors such as white as seen in the classic polished quartz slab.


Besides white, quartz can also be produced with a shade of black, red, grey, or any color as you may desire to have them.


Wrap Up

When it comes to an environmentally responsible countertop material that will stand the test of time, quartz slab ranks first.


Although an engineered stone, quartz can be engineered to have different colors, and they also usually look similar to natural stones.


When considering a quartz countertop for your next project, the classic polished quartz slab should be your target due to its unequivocal smart and brilliant look.


However, for the best deal, always endeavor to work with a reputable manufacturer of classic polished quartz slab with an outstanding record of excellence.


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