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Cleaning Tips To Maintain The Shine Of Your High Quality Quartz Slab

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When investing in the beautifully engineered high quality quartz slabs, one of the common questions you’ll like be worried about is how to maintain the shine of your quartz slab.


Well, the simple truth is that quartz slabs are highly durable, scratch resistant, and are pretty easy to care for.


However, despite the relative ease of maintaining a high-quality quartz slab, regular cleaning and adequate is very important.


This is particularly very important, especially when you hope to see your quartz slab radiate it shine even after decades.

 Cleaning Tips To Maintain The Shine Of Your High Quality Quartz Slab

Nevertheless, when sourcing for a high-quality quartz slab for your projects, buying from a reliable manufacturer is the best way for a guaranteed deal of quality.


Below are some simple and accurate routine cleaning steps you should adopt to maintain the shine of your quartz slab.


Routine Cleaning Tip For Quartz Slabs

Here are a few and very useful cleaning routine you should adopt for the best glow and shine of your quartz slabs.


1. Wipe Quartz Slab with a Soft Rag and Mild Dish Soap

Dip a soft sponge or cloth into a bowl of soap and warm water mix, and use it to wipe the surface of your quartz slab a bit gently but maintaining a firm grip. You can repeat this as often times as possible.


2. Remove Dried Gunk and Food From Quartz Slab Surface

For stubborn and dried food or dirt materials on the surface of your high-quality quartz slab, it is recommend that you use a putty knife to remove such dirt and stain.


3. Degreaser is Best for Cleaning Grease

Before dashing into using any type of degreasing agent on your high quality quartz slab, note that it is not all degreaser that are safe for use on quartz products.


For instance, some degreasing agents contain a high amount of bleach with may damage the lustre of your quartz slab.


Once you have used the perfect degreasing agent for your quartz slab, quickly wipe off the surface of your quartz slab using a soft cloth or towel.


General Maintenance of Quartz Stone To Sustain It Shine And Luster  

Quartz stones are pretty easy to care for and maintain. But when doing so, endeavor to observe the following rules in order to prevent your quartz slab from losing it shine.


Avoid highly acidic and alkaline products such as oven cleaners, lemon cleaners, or even concentrated bleach. Using these products can lead to the disintegration of bond holding quartz and resin.


Scouring pads and abrasive cleaners can dull or even tarnish your quartz surfaces.


Always use a cutting board instead of cutting directly on your quartz stone surface


Quartz stones are highly resistant to heat. But consistent exposure to a high temperature above 300oC may tarnish and crack quartz stone


When used for outdoor purposes, avoid excessive direct sunlight. Doing so can easily cause splitting or warping on quartz stone.


Wrap Up

Quartz slabs are very durable, beautiful, and unique, especially when used as a countertop.


Constant misuse or cleaning your high quality quartz slab with the wrong cleaning agent can cause it to lose its shine.


When sourcing for high quality quartz slab, buying from a reputable quartz stone supplier is the best way to have the best deal.






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