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calacatta gold quartz
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Calacatta Gold Quartz: The Timeless Trend



The Properties of Quartz


So many excellent properties of quartz make it a valuable option for any project. Perhaps the most notable are the aesthetic and style; after all, even a little quartz can add a stunning aesthetic to any property that instantly contributes style and sophistication. Moreover, quartz is also exceptionally durable, resistant to stains, and even offers resistance to scratches. 


As such, quartz might just offer everything you need if you have been looking for ways to integrate new surfaces in your home. As such, it’s no surprise that a growing number of homeowners are giving quartz surfaces, walls, and floors a try. You might just find it’s perfect for you, too – which is where our Calacatta gold quartz comes in.


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VH3012 enhances the traditional Calacatta Laza, increasing the gorgeous feel of the quartz surface.




Featuring the gold veins, Calacatta Oro quartz is the most classic piece in the Calacatta gold collection.




VH8010 is an inviting Calacatta gold veins quartz design that stands out from other Calacatta quartz surfaces.




With this perfect bookmatched quartz veins, this calacatta gold quartz is an excellent solution for any space.




The most beautiful marble-inspired quartz, VV276A adorned with such exquisite details on the quartz surface.



Inspired by the snow mountain in a sunrise moment, VW5233 is an innovative Calacatta gold quartz. It is our proud design.


Add the Beauty of Calacatta Gold Quartz to Your Home

Ready to add a little more charm? Viva Quartz Stone has more than 10 types of Calacatta gold quartz 

Give our Calacatta gold quartz a try today; reach out to our experts to learn more!


Calacatta gold quartz is the stunning style of our Calacatta quartz series.

 Known for its perfect color, exquisite veining, and elegant appearance, Calacatta gold quartz is the timeless trend.
For many interior designers, it not only a loyal partner but also is an inspiration source.
Calacatta gold quartz presents an irresistible charm to us.

 First of all, it is a marbling quartz surface. Secondly, quartz stone is durable, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It means that it is a good choice when applying it in the kitchen and bathroom. Lastly, the elegance of Calacatta gold quartz makes it an indispensable component of modern interior design. And it is well-received by many house owners.
Viva Quartz Stone created various gold veins quartz in different styles. They can perfectly adapt the residential and commercial projects.

 We understand that your project or home deserves the best possible materials. That’s why we have invested in the finest quality Calacatta gold quartz to ensure you get a final finish that’s uncompromising. Gently laced with subtle gold hues, our Calacatta gold quartz is perfect for almost any property or application.

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Calacatta Series

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