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Your Countertops Choice Says A Lot About Your Personality. Here’s How.

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Seeing this topic, you might be wondering, “what does a countertop have to say about me?” Well, a lot - same with several other parts of your home.

So, in this guide, we will be exploring how someone sees you merely by looking at those stone slabs you use for your spaces. Without a doubt, chances are you’re not a fan of certain stones. But, chances are you might still find yourself defined with it.

Countertop choices and their personalities

As we explore this discourse, please note that what people think about you from your countertop choice doesn't really matter. So, just have some fun as we take a look at these ideas.


Marble is indicative of a classy and graceful home. In fact, chances are your reason for opting in for marble is the inherent elegance and graceful feel they embody. So, if you use marble, you’re most likely to be someone who loves current trends and loves to accentuate that in your homes, regardless of how much they cost.


If you use quartz countertops, then you’re most likely the type of person that loves meeting others halfway. In essence, you cannot live in a place without that seamless and beautiful feeling marble embodies, but you also want the longevity and durability of granite. In essence, you are someone who is trendy but not at the expense of how practical your choice will be. For this reason, you opted in for quartz as your countertop option.

Besides, if this is your choice, chances are you’re someone who prioritizes elegance, beauty, and durability without paying much attention to the associated price. Besides, you are very much likely to be the busy type of person, who doesn't want to worry about countertops, and as such, chooses a reliable one that is sure to last for a lifetime.

Countertop choices and their personalities


Granite is always indicative of a down-to-earth and practical personality. In a nutshell, you are someone who wants value for whatever they pay. In terms of how practical you approach things, you also want contemporary mainstream styles without paying outrageously or exorbitantly for them.


Wood also has a lot to say about you. If you’re choosing wood as your primary countertop choice, chances are you’re initially seeking a natural theme for the space. Wood offers one of the easiest approaches to achieving that. Besides, people who use wood are usually environmentally conscious and hold natural things in high esteem.


While this is a relatively less popular choice, soapstone has that unique rustic appearance that you won't find in most countertops. Hence, if this is your choice, your personality clearly defines that of an outlier, who derives joy in unique things.


Similar to soapstone, this is also quite a unique choice. If you go for concrete, you’re most likely to be minimalistic. Concrete has a seamless grey appearance and makes a perfect addition to minimalist homes.

Professional quartz countertop manufacturer-Viva Quartz Stone

Quartz is already established as a superior countertop and slab material with an application that spans kitchen countertops, bathroom, vanity, etc. But choosing rightly can sometimes be an uphill task. So, if you ever find yourself in a decision-making dilemma, Viva Quartz Stone is your surest way out.

The seamless path

With almost two decades of delivering eternal beauty to homes, Viva Quartz stone is your most reliable company for different quartz countertops and stone slabs. We prioritize technology, but not at the expense of style. So, we are able to deliver products that excite not only you but also your guests within the shortest time frame possible.

Seated elegantly in Zhaoqing city, Guangdong province, China, our factory and the products emerging from it define class, elegance, and durability. We have quart stone slabs and countertops available in various patterns and designs to suit your specific needs seamlessly.

Bringing elegance to your living spaces

Quartz naturally exists in clusters. To bring this mineral to life and make it into something perfect for your living spaces, we have innovative processes that accentuate:

v Bringing your boring home interior to life

v Innovative and scenic exterior designs, spanning your ceilings, moldings, and cabinetry

v Giving you the perfect size and style for your kitchen

v countertops

Our unique selling points

As we bring life to your living spaces, we accompany the process with some unique advantages you'll not find elsewhere. Little wonder Viva Quartz stone has clinched an unwavering spot as one of the best quartz stone companies across China and internationally.

Firstly, we can hammer out top-notch quartz stone slabs in gray and black series. We do these without watermarks and make them available at cost-effective pricing. Without a doubt, this is very much absent in the quartz and countertop ecosystems today.

With almost two decades of experience exploring this space, we have what it takes to offer nonpareil buyers' experience to clients globally, both in terms of professional customer services and the quality of products delivered. We also have a reputation in custom countertops manufacturing. In essence, our work ethics allows for flexibility. And as such, we can always work with customers' requirements to bring out results tailored to their needs.

With a team of dedicated professionals and state-of-the-art production lines, another one of our competitive edges lies in our ability to produce the largest quartz stone slabs of 3200 x 1800mm. Clients across Australia, the United States, the UK, and almost everywhere globally can testify to our terrific quality delivery and our professionals who are always there to cater to every one of your needs.

Considering these qualities...

We have a reputation for offering our clients the best and sturdiest quartz surface with the durability, tenacity, and elegance of quartz and the low maintenance attribute of other materials. We have a wide selection you can select from, tailored to specific purposes and intents. With our innovative contaminant and stain-resistant design, you can as well be sure of a product that will serve you for decades.

If you are looking for advice on quartz countertops, our team is always ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us at  sales@vivaquartzstone.com.

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