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Cracked Quartz Countertop: What’s the Reason and How to Prevent?

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Quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite artificial stone plate, so it is hard and firm, and also has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. However, the cracks can occasionally appear. There are many reasons for this problem, such as high temperature and collision. Let’s take a look of what can cause cracks on quartz stone.

cracked quartz countertop

Cracks at the Seams

If the crack appear at the seams, there may be an working problem during the installation. The installer may apply the glue when the seams of two quartz slabs are not completely aligned, which causes uneven force on the countertop. In other case, the glue not evenly applied to the seams, or too much curing agent added to the glue can also cause the crack problem.

Cracks at the Rear Splashback

If you find cracks at the rear splashback of the quartz countertop, you need to check whether the countertop gasket is properly installed and the glue is appropriately applied. Otherwise, the bearing capacity of the quartz countertop will be greatly reduced, which increase the cracking probability.

Cracks around the Sink and Stove

For cracks are around the sink and stove, besides the unsmooth edge of the sink and stove, no enough clearance between the sink, stove, and the quartz countertop are the main reason. Once the countertop is affected by the external temperature difference, it will shrink and has uneven force, consequently causing cracking.

Cracks in the Middle of the Countertop

If there are cracks in the middle of the countertop, it means that you have a careless daily use. more careless. For example, placing some high-temperature cookware directly on the countertop will greatly reduce the service life of the countertop.

Cracks at Corners

Experienced installers know that when installing the countertop, it is necessary to reserve certain space between the countertop and the wall to prevent the expansion and contraction caused by the external temperature difference. When cracks appear at the corners of the countertop,   probably there is no sufficient distance between the countertop and the wall, causing the mutual compression by the tension of the countertop.

Cracks between the Two Cabinets

The leveling between the cabinets is essential, because even if there is a slight height difference between them, it may cause uneven force on the countertop, leading to the cracks.

How to Prevent Cracks on Quartz Countertops?

Keep Away From Strong Chemicals

Strong chemicals generally refer to chemicals used in daily use such as paint removers, metal cleaners, stove cleaners, etc., which are harmful to artificial stone countertops. If the countertops accidentally come into contact with strong chemicals, they should be rinsed immediately with plenty of water or soapy water.

Always Keep the Surface Dry

Water contains a lot of bleach and scale. When it stay too long on the countertop surface, the color of the countertop can fade and lose shine.

Avoid Directly Cutting on the Countertop

No matter what kind of countertop you choose, even if it is the hard quartz countertop, you should cut the food on the chopping board instead of the countertop surface. On one side, it help avoid knife marks on the countertop and damage to the blade. On the other side, it keeps the countertop clean and hygienic.

We Make Superior Quartz Countertops

The quality of quartz countertops has a great impact on the cracking problem. To buy the high-quality quartz countertops, we are your best choice. VIVA is a top manufacturers of quartz countertops with more than 17 years of experience. We export superior quartz stone slabs to help clients worldwide with their residential and commercial projects. For more details, welcome to contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com.






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