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Do Quartz Countertops Scratch Easily?

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When it comes to investing in a new countertop for your home or commercial property, finding an option that will not break the bank or leave your home looking sorry for itself in a short time is tricky. However, this shouldn’t necessarily have to be the case, and quartz countertops are just one such example you could consider. Luckily, our friendly team is on hand today to help you find out a little more about whether quartz countertops scratch easily and what this might mean for your property.

Do Quartz Countertops Scratch Easily?

Do quartz countertops scratch easily? If you’re buying a counter solely for decorative purposes, you may want to use your quartz countertop for daily activities. However, exposing your quartz countertop to knives and other such objects can potentially result in chips and scratches developing. This begs the question: do quartz countertops scratch easily?

Well, fortunately, no! While quartz countertops aren’t the single hardest countertop material on the market, they offer an exceptional level of strength and hardness that helps prevent them from getting scratched with regular, daily use.

Of course, not every quartz surface will necessarily be created equally, which is worth keeping in mind. For example, some quartz countertops are less resistant than others; furthermore, it’s worth considering that using harsh or strong chemical cleaners on your quartz countertops will also increase the risk of them getting damaged!

Quartz naturally has a hardness rating on the Mohs scale of around 7, which sets it firmly as a relatively strong, but not entirely scratch resistant material. This makes it roughly twice as strong as some surfaces, such as marble, but marginally less resistant to scratches than materials, such as granite.

How to Keep Your Quartz Counter Looking its Best

If you want to keep your quartz countertops looking their best, there are several things you could try. The most important is to invest in a counter cover, if needed, to provide a safe place to put plates, bowls, cups, and the like. In addition, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals; since your quartz countertop is naturally non-porous, it usually doesn’t need a deep clean to stay hygienic anyway.

Overall, it’s important to remember that every countertop is unique – but quartz countertops offer a stunning aesthetic for many spaces, provided you’re able to keep them looking their best. Why leave this to chance; find the ideal options and opportunities for your quartz counters with help from our friendly team.

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Final Thoughts  

If you’ve been looking for a counter material that’s not going to scratch at the slightest possible touch, quartz countertops might be right for you! After all, while they’re not necessarily the most durable countertops ever made, they are more than suited to the majority of countertop applications. So, if you’d like to find out more about the value of quartz countertops for your property, please don’t be afraid to reach out to our friendly team; we’ll do our best to help you find the ideal options for your needs, too.






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