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Factors Affecting the Service Life of Quartz Stone Countertops

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Quartz stone is not only famous for their durability but also for their longevity, high aesthetics and notable scratch resistant reputation. Due to the latter characteristics, it has gained its popularity s use in countertops.


Quartz stone is also known to be highly heat resistant. Heat resistant and scratch resistant makes it the perfect material for countertops in kitchens.


Quartz stone suppliers have also made available a wide variety of designs and colours to choose from. This also wins the hearts of its users as there’s no restriction to style, pattern or design.


But after installation, comes the question: how do I maintain my quartz surfaces? You still have to follow certain rules or guidelines to enable users to enjoy the full-service life of their quartz countertops.


There are certain factors that can affect the service life of your quartz stone counters. Knowing them and avoiding them will give you a run for your money and help extend the service life of the product.

· Stain limit

Although quartz is highly stain resistance, it still does not mean that it can be stained. Avoid the use of permanent marker, certain solvents ad spilling of sodium peroxide as these will break its stain resistance.


· Moisture

Always be sure to keep the surface of your countertops dry. Prolonged exposure to moisture, especially of high acidity may lead to fading of color, affecting the beauty of your countertop.


· Over-exposure to sunlight

Quartz stone is said to be able to withstand UV rays but bear it in mind that it also has a threshold. Prolonged exposure to sunlight especially in darker coloured quartz, which absorbs the UV rays instead of reflecting them will in time lead to damage of the countertop. Hence it is not advisable to install outdoors.

 Quartz Stone

· Use of abrasive cleaners and cleaning materials

Avoid the use of strong household cleaners and pads as this isn’t quartz friendly. Rather wipe down surfaces with a bar of mild soap and soft fiber free material.


· Excess heat

I know you have read that quartz are resistant to high temperatures but nevertheless, breaks the heat! Avoid placing hot pans or pots directly on countertops as this may lead to eventual darkening or change in colour with time. It is advisable that to place pans on padded trivets or use a stove mitt.


· Excess weight

Quartz stone is known to be a very strong materials but that does not mean you should go heavy on them. The use of strong forces and excess weight may lead to chipping or even breaking of the countertop.


· Bad quality quartz countertop

There are a large number of companies that manufacture quartz stone countertops and not all produce countertops of high grade and quality. If you purchase a defective countertop, it is sure to not stand the test of time. Do purchase your quartz from a trusted quartz stone supplier to get your money’s worth.


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