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History And Development Trend of Quartz Stone

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VIVA custom quartz stone is outstanding and it has gained popularity as being the best among decorative stones in the market. Its uniqueness and durability have made it to be used by all.


In nature, the hardness of quartz stone is second only to the hardness of diamond. Therefore, some architectural parts made of quartz stone materials will be very hard when used in daily life and not easily damaged. This well reflects the high durability of this type of decoration in a complete set of decorations.


If you sincerely desire luxury and outstanding buildings, you should purchasing custom quartz stone from a reliable and reputable manufacturer.


Let us delve into the history of quartz stone and you will know why it has become the favorite of all.


Quartz stone came to be in Italy in 1984. It was made by the Italian and its origin can be traced to them. The production technology is proprietary to the Italian company Baritone, which was originally called Baritone. It has more than 93% quartz crystals with 7% resin and some trace of elements which is beneath the vacuum condition. There are also big size slabs which are made under high pressure.


Also, immediately the innovation of custom quartz stone manufacturers blew worldwide, gradually becoming the new trend. Just in 2007, 28 quartz stone production lines were recorded in 14 regions and countries of the world.


The market rise of quartz stone grew from tens of thousands of dollars per year during 1984 to the recent yearly market size of 3 billion US dollars. This is a drastic and quick advancement process. However, the rise of quartz stone is becoming more rapid as a result of the Chinese quartz stone market.

 History And Development Trend of Quartz Stone

From the onset, quartz stone was used only on cabinet countertops, laboratory workbenches, and furniture countertops with high-quality outer requirements.

As the market grows, big hotels, landmark buildings and luxury apartments are all using quartz stone for walls, grounds, furniture etc. Custom quartz stone is gradually replacing the natural stone. More parts of the world are joining the use of custom quartz stone - everyday quartz stone users are increasing.

The development and fulfillment of custom quartz stone is not an accident. The benefits and features of this stone are known to all and sundry and all accepted the price.


Prospect of quartz stone

It is expected that in the next few decades, quartz stone will develop more varieties to adapt to different decorative material fields.


In terms of the production process, molded production will be the main method of quartz stone production in the future. Molding production adopts a one-time molding process, and the table can be directly pressed out of the front and backwater retaining edges. The material utilization rate is as high as 99%. There is no need for subsequent sanding, water milling and other surface processing processes, and no waste gas, water and dust are generated.


The product market will break through the traditional application fields, and the application prospects are very broad, especially all kinds of special-shaped artificial stone building materials, such as handicrafts, artificial stone walls, floor tiles, furniture fabrics, ceilings, etc.


Do you desire to explore this custom quartz stone?

In this era, customized quartz stone can provide you with the best luxury architecture you want. Please contact us. We can provide customized quartz stone according to your needs and guarantee the value for money.



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