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How Can You Repair Quartz Countertop?

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With the increase of quartz stone manufacturers and improvement of production technology, quartz slab has entered the mass market. Nowadays quartz countertop is widely used in the kitchen. Due to the high hardness of quartz stone, it brings certain trouble to the processing. Because the processing of quartz stone is different from that of other ordinary man-made stones, especially the joint. The common problem in the splicing of a quartz countertop is that the two slabs are uneven. Thus, polishing is the first choice to solve this problem. But this solution can lead to the surface of quartz board losing its luster. So how to repair the quartz countertop that loses its luster?

What Makes Quartz Countertop Discolor?

First of all, let’s explore the main reason why quartz countertop discolors after processing. In terms of appearance, quartz stone is extremely similar to natural stone. In fact, quartz stone is an artificial material, but it is often mistaken for natural stone. Quartz stone is rich in color and has a beautiful surface. Moreover, quartz stone is an anti-bacterial, wear-proof structure, high-temperature resistance, anti-seep performance, non-toxic, and non-radioactive. Hence, quartz countertop has been well recognized by more and more consumers in modern home decoration. However, it’s unavoidable for quartz slabs to be cut and polished for specific applications. After polishing, the surface of the quartz countertop turns white. What’s worse, the deeper the quartz slab color is, the whiter the slab will get after polishing

As everyone knows, the smooth surface of quartz stone is like a mirror. That is because quartz stone producers polish the quartz stone by a water mill, which causes whitening. Watermill polishing is the result of polishing through more than 30 lines of 2,000 mesh water mill heads, under high pressure and high speed. It is such a process that other handheld tools cannot do. The emergence of the whitening phenomenon after polishing by the angle grinder is because the matrix of the quartz slab is white. During the polishing process, the handhold tools will not only damage the luster and color of the slab’s surface but also exposes the white matrix. That’s also why the slab color is deeper at the joint and the whitening is more obvious.

Polishing Quartz Countertop:

quartz countertop polished

How to Repair the Discolored Quartz Countertop?

1. Use wax or varnish. But these two ways cannot be a long-term solution and they can only provide temporary relief.

2. Use polish or resin. After applying this method to repair, its renovation can be maintained for a long time but the color fading still cannot be eradicated. To fundamentally figure out the whitening phenomenon at the joint of two quartz slabs, you should go for the professional. In the process of quartz countertop installation, try to avoid secondary grinding and polishing. When installing the quartz countertop, pay more attention to the seam between two quartz slabs. Try to make a seamless effect on the surface. What’s more, prevent the glue from exposing during jointing two quartz slabs, otherwise, it can cause unnecessary secondary polishing.

The appearance of quartz slab is not processed in a special way but furbished by over 30 high-pressure rapid water mills. Once polishing at a low speed, the surface will become whitening and discolored. Therefore, two quartz slabs must be maintained at the same horizontal line during the processing and installation.

repair quartz countertop

Where to Buy Quartz Countertops?

We are a professional manufacturer of quartz countertops. We are able to offer you different types of quartz countertops. If you are interested in learning how to repair quartz countertops, welcome to contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com directly.

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