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How Do You Maintain Quartz Countertops?

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If you’ve recently purchased a brand new quartz counter, you might be wondering: how should I maintain my new quartz countertop? If this is something you have been wondering, don’t worry – our friendly team is on hand today to give you some new ideas about key tips to help maintain your quartz counter in the best possible condition. In doing so, you should enjoy numerous excellent benefits for the overall aesthetic of your kitchen accordingly.

How Do You Maintain Quartz Countertops?

Maintaining quartz countertops shouldn’t be a difficult decision since these excellent surfaces are designed with ease of care and maintenance in mind!

Indeed, in many cases, people reach for top-quality quartz countertops as a low-maintenance option, so you shouldn’t need to spend too much time trying to bring things up straight. However, you’ll need to take a little time occasionally to ensure that your quartz countertops stay in good nick for as long as possible.

How to Keep Quartz Counters Clean

One of the most crucial things you’ll need to do when it comes to your quartz counters is to clean them regularly. This simple step helps remove any debris or dirt from your quartz counter that could predispose it to possible damage. In addition, it helps to keep your counters hygienic, clean, and free of pathogens, which might otherwise represent a significant danger to your health and wellbeing.

It’s worth considering that quartz counters are non-porous, which makes them naturally more pathogen-resistant than other surfaces. Since they won’t absorb or “hold onto” nasties as easily, quartz counters will typically only have pathogens directly on their surface. As such, a small amount of surface cleaner and a quick wipe of the counter should be enough to keep your work surface looking amazing. However, if you are concerned, we would recommend still using chopping boards (etc.) to reduce the risk of cross contamination between ingredients while cooking.

Keeping Your Quartz Surfaces Scratch-Free

In addition to keeping your quartz counters clean, you’ll also want to take steps to prevent them from getting scratched.

Luckily, this can be done pretty easily. First, try not to use sharp objects directly on the counter. Equipment such as sharp knives and the like can absolutely scratch your countertops; while quartz counters have an impressive rating on the Mohs scale of around 7, they’re not fully impenetrable in terms of scratches.

Secondly, we strongly recommend investing in covers and protectors for your quartz counter to keep it in the best possible condition for as long as possible. For example, a fabric cover can be put down while cooking to prevent scratches and heat-scald marks, so your quartz surface always looks as close to new as possible.

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Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that quartz countertops offer a stunning aesthetic and are highly practical options for many properties. And, even better still, your quartz counter doesn’t necessarily need a huge amount of TLC and time to keep it looking its best. With that being said, it is strongly worth considering that a quartz counter will only continue looking amazing if you’ve taken the right steps to look after it – which is where careful maintenance strategies come in. Don’t leave this to chance; find the ideal solutions for your quartz countertops today!






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