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How to Care Quartz Countertop Daily?

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Over the past few years, quartz countertops have become one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. Indeed, quartz stone has many benefits when it serves as a kitchen countertop. First of all, quartz countertops are available in numerous designs, colors, and patterns, which create a stylish kitchen for your daily cooking. Then, quartz stone is super scratch, wear, and tear resistant and hard to crack because it has a greatly hard surface. Besides, its superior waterproof and stain resistance makes it easy to clean and maintain. Even so, quartz stone is not an indestructible material as it is still subjected to some destructive activity and improper maintenance. Therefore, you must pay more attention to the following tips on the daily care of quartz countertop.

Daily Cleaning Is of Great Importance

Quartz countertop surface requires daily cleaning. Many people might tend to use some professional cleaners on the quartz countertop. However, this could do harm to your countertops if you keep doing so daily. In fact, the daily cleaning for the quartz countertops is something quite simple and easy to finish with just a wet cloth. Thus, never abuse the cleaner on quartz stone but regularly clean it in a more simple way.

clean quartz countertop

Remember to Care the Edges

The edges are one of the most critical parts of quartz countertops. They can suffer from crack and chips if they are treated with some sharp or blunt items. If your quartz countertops’ edges get chipped, you can go for a professional quartz stone repair. It is necessary to select suitable edges that are not easy to chip and crack when buying quartz countertops.

Avoid Hot Objects on the Surface

Quartz stone won’t easily crack because it is high-temperature resistant. However, the surface of the quartz countertop may discolor when you continuously put hot pots, pans, or other hot objects on it. If you want to keep your quartz countertop look fresh, always remember to use mats and pads to keep your quartz countertops from hot objects.

mats for quartz countertop

Clean Out Spills on in Time

Spills are easy to drop on the surface of the quartz countertop. If you don’t wipe up them timely, spills can become the stubborn stain and leave a mark on the quartz surface. It will be hard to clean them out and you will need to speed extra money hiring the professional. Therefore, it is important to clean out the spills immediately with a soft wet cloth.

Do the Deep Cleaning Regularly

Daily cleaning for the quartz countertop is good, but it is not enough. Periodical deep cleaning is required to provide effective prevention and good caring for the quartz countertop.

Who Is VIVA?

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