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How to Choose Best Countertop for Bathroom Vanity?  

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The design of a bathroom is focused on convenience, safety, easy maintenance, and beauty. Bathroom vanity is a vital part of a bathroom, as people use it more frequently. Besides, the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, so the bathroom vanity must be water-resistant, preservative, and anti-pollution. Nowadays there are many materials for bathroom vanity such as marble, granite, quartz stone, etc. The use of stone to decorate bathroom vanity can instantly show a low-key luxury style. Especially quartz countertop, it is water-proof, anti-stain, wear-resistant, and beautiful. Therefore, to choose the best countertop for bathroom vanity, quartz countertop is the best choice of many customers. So what are the merits of quartz countertop? Let’s take a closer look at them.

countertop for bathroom vanity


Because quartz stone is rich in over 93% quartz crystal, it’s very similar to natural stone. What’s more, quartz stone is a new polymer material with the addition of pigment. So it has abundant patterns and colors, making the pattern of quartz countertop be made to order. Therefore, the quartz countertop can have natural stone patterns and texture, bringing a fashionable and high-end sense of design to your bathroom.

Water & Stain Resistance

Quartz stone, as an artificial stone, is combined with more than 93% of natural quartz crystal, 10 % of pigment and resin. Through dozens of polishing, its appearance structure is compact and fine without any holes. Hence, the quartz countertop possesses a strong waterproof ability with zero water absorption rate. Moreover, the quartz countertop is provided with good resistance to stains. Neither colored liquids such as tea, juice, coffee, nor acids or alkalis cannot penetrate the surface of the quartz countertop.


Quartz stone has no pores and crevices, so it can eradicate the reproduction of bacteria and keep the surface safe and clean. It’s also harmless for people to contact the skin and food with the quartz countertopdirectly.


The hardness of quartz stone has reached Mohs hardness 6~7.5. Therefore, the quartz countertop presents inimitable capacities of corrosion and wear resistance. You don’t have to worry the surface of the quartz countertop will be scratched and scuffed. With appropriate maintenance, its service life can be up to 20 years.

Easy Maintenance

Since quartz countertop is more wear-resistant, anti-moist, anti-bacteria, and stain-resistant, it’s perfect for wet bathrooms. Thus, the cleaning and maintenance of quartz countertop is also a very easy business. In daily life, the only thing you need to do is that wiping the surface with clean water or soapy water gently.


Compared with the traditional natural decorative materials, such as granite and marble, the price of quartz countertop is relatively cost-effective. So most families can afford it. Moreover, in the wake of more and more styles of quartz countertop, its popularity in the market becomes higher and higher.

Environmental Protection

The main chemical component of quartz stone is silica, which is a non-radiation element. As a decorative material, quartz stone is purified in the manufacturing process, which prevents quartz countertop from radiation pollution. That’s why quartz countertop is a green product and it won’t cause indoor pollution.


We can see that quartz stone has many advantages and it is suitable for bathroom vanity. Additionally, it is also widely applied to the kitchen countertop, background wall, floor, and other areas. Quartz stone will breed a huge industry in the future.

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