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How to Choose the Right Quartz Countertop Color?

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When planning a renovation for your kitchen, which part to start? For most homeowners, the countertop should be the priority. With no doubt, countertops are arguably the most essential part of the kitchen. Quartz countertops are now one of the most popular kitchen countertops on the market. They have many excellent properties like high hardness, great durability, waterproof performance, scratch, cut, wear resistance, etc. Quartz countertops help you finish your daily cooking task easily as well as add decoration value to your kitchen, so that’s they are chosen by a great number of customers.

During the selection of quartz countertop, there are lots of factors to consider, and the color is a critical one. The color of your quartz countertop, floors, cabinetry, and other appliances compose the main color scheme in your kitchen. If you choose the wrong color for your quartz countertop, it will make your kitchen look odd and negatively impact your kitchen style. The right color of a quartz countertop can make everything look harmonious in your kitchen. As quartz comes in a wide range of colors, how to select the most suitable one for your kitchen? Today, we will give you some tips on making the right decision.

Learn All Colors First

Before shopping for a quartz countertop, learn all available colors first, and you will know how many would your options be. One of the most convenient ways is to check out the colors and the designs on the Internet. When you repeatedly identify the image of the colors, you might have some ideas and inspirations. It is suggested to list out some colors you like with a proper order like primary, secondary, and so on.

Besides, during getting familiar with the quartz colors, you will have a better understanding of what are warm colors and cool colors. You will have to decide on one main color tone for the kitchen. The color of your quartz countertop should match with the other furniture and appliances in your kitchen like cabinetry, floor, wall, etc.

quartz countertop colors

Lighting Also Matters

Lighting has a great impact on the color effect of your quartz countertop. Generally, lighting can be divided into two tones - warm and cool. As a result, your quartz countertop may look different under natural daylight and electric light at night. In this case, testing samples under a different light in your kitchen would be helpful. You can directly place the sample under different lighting to see the difference in the effect. If you don’t want to spend extra money ordering a sample, testing the pictures of the exact color you like can also be helpful.

If you want to make your kitchen look bigger, a white quartz countertop is a good option. Light-color quartz countertops usually make your kitchen feel larger as the light color can reflect the natural light better.

quartz countertop for kitchen

Bring Samples Home

To ensure your quartz countertop perfectly fits in your kitchen, it is necessary to bring samples from the showroom or order them online. When you have selected the quartz countertop you like, take the sample to your kitchen to see whether it is suitable or not. If possible, bring a few samples of different colors to test if it goes right with other components in your kitchen.

quartz countertop sample

Add Appropriate Accessories

The color you choose can create something unique with decorative accessories in the kitchen. If you want to update the tone of your kitchen without changing the quartz countertop, use accessories to upgrade your kitchen design.

The choice of color will affect how your quartz countertop fits in the kitchen. Therefore, it is worth spending time studying which color of a quartz countertop to choose for your kitchen. We are a professional manufacturer of quartz countertops. If you want to learn more information about our products and service, welcome to contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com.

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