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How To Make Full Use Of Quartz Stone Edge Material

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Without a doubt, it can be said that quartz stone manufacturers are doing a great job in the industry by providing homeowner and project managers an endless variety of options when it comes to the use of quartz stone.


In terms of color and style, you can tell that quartz stones are highly versatile, especially as they are present in various colors and styles that match individual preferences.


But besides color and style, quartz stone manufacturers also have various types of quartz stone edge material or profile that you can choose from to make your quartz countertop more unique and outstanding.


One thing you must always consider is the fact that for you to have the best product, you must always team up with a professional and highly experience quartz stone manufacturer for the best deal.


With that, you are sure of a productive and long lasting investment you will always be glad to have in your home.


How To Make Use Of Quartz Stone Edge Material 

With the various profiles of the quartz stone edge, you can transform different fixtures in your home into an asylum of beauty. 


In case you are considering where else you can put the amazing edge profile of quartz stone to use, here are some of them 


1. It can be used to design a small coffee table

2. It can be used for giving a unique shape to a small tea table 

3. Even a large computer table can be transformed into having a thicker surface with a different edge profile of quartz stone.


So, in this article, we shall be guiding you through some quartz stone edge profile you can use for your home fixtures to give them an outstanding look of beauty.


How To Make Full Use Of Quartz Stone Edge Material

Types of Edge Profile for Quartz Stone

In case you may be wondering what type of edge profile you should use for your quartz stone tables, one thing you should understand is that all quartz edges don’t fall into the group. Depending on the detail of each type of quartz stone, so are their edges also different. 


Below is some quartz stone edge profile you can choose for your small coffee table, small tea table, or a large computer table to give them a whole different look of elegance.


1. Straight Edge 

The square edge isn’t completely square as you would think instead, they are usually rounded slightly to prevent injuries from the sharp edges of quartz stone.


The square edge is perfect for a simple and yet stylish design for your table.


2. Half Bevel Edge

For a more stylish curved design to the edge of your quartz stone coffee table, you can opt for the half bevel edge. 


The half bevel edge is perfect for quickly running off the water on the surface of the quartz stone without damaging your cabinet below.


The half bevel edge perfectly straddles the boundary between beauty and function.


3. Quarter Round Edge

The slight curvature in which the quarter round edge gives is a good way to give your large computer table a slightly thicker look from a distance. 


Besides being a great edge profile for table-tops either in the living room or kitchen, it can also be used for surfaces in the bathroom.


4. Full Bullnose Edge

The full bullnose edge is among the top-ranking and most popular edge profiles used for various countertops and office tables.


The high-tech configuration and design of this edge give it a contemporary look, which makes them great for countertops both in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom.


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