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How To Restore the Shine of your Quartz Countertops?

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When it comes to contemporary countertop material, quartz stones top the chart.


Although an engineered stone, quartz stones are highly durable and resistant to scratch. This is why many homeowners are increasingly opting for quartz stone for all their countertop projects.


However, rough handling and use may easily tarnish your quartz slabs. For example, direct contact of very hot pots and pan on the quartz countertop could harm the surface, and so lose its shine.


Besides high temperatures, improper grinding of quartz slabs during the fabrication stage can tarnish the surface as well.


How To Restore the Shine of your Quartz Countertops

How to repair tarnished quartz stone?

Below are some common methods for repairing tarnished quartz stone as a result of improper grinding.


1. Varnishing or waxing

Vanishing or waxing the tarnished area can quickly restore the shine of quartz slabs. However, a common problem with these methods is the fact that they don’t last for long.


Nevertheless, they can serve as a temporary relief for repairing tarnished quartz stone.


2. Through the use of Resin or Brightener

The use of resin or a brightening agent for repairing a tarnished quartz stone is another good way. This method can provide long term relief in the repair of tarnished quartz.


One important thing about the use of resin or brightener for treating a tarnished quartz stone is that it is irreversible.


How To Avoid Quartz Stone Tarnishing?

There are various ways to fundamentally by-pass the problem of tarnishing. Top on the list include:


1. Sourcing quartz stone from a trusted and professional quartz stone supplier;

2. Routine maintenance by using water and common dish soap to wipe the surface. Avoid any abrasive cleaners or bleaches.

3. During the fabricating process, try to avoid secondary grinding and polishing as much as possible.



Wrap Up

Quartz stones are very durable, beautiful countertop material.


The above repair methods are NOT the most effective ways to restore the shine of a tarnished quartz stone. These methods are not environmentally friendly and unsustainable.


Therefore, when selecting your quartz stone, DO NOT compromise quality for the price. The Mohs hardness level of quality quartz slabs is at least level 5 or more. Also, it is important to add water during the grinding process to maintain the original luster of the slabs.


At VIVA Quartzstone, our slabs have a Mosh hardness level of 7. We add running water during fabrication process and each quartz slabs have gone through 6 quality control processes to ensure quality. For the best result and products, buying from a reputable quartz stone supplier is the only way.







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