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How To Solve The Chromatic Aberration Problem Of Quartz Stone Slab

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Recently, there has been a challenge with color disparity in quartz slabs made available for sale in the market.


Chromatic aberration is a big problem that plagues various manufacturers. Hence, the reasons for this abnormality alongside its solution are to be considered.


Though there are many challenges attached to the production of custom quartz slabs, it is advisable to get materials used in the production process from a professional manufacturer. This act ensures that you  invest in the suitable raw materials which will help reduce the risk of producing custom quartz slabs with great disparity.


According to the production process of quartz slabs, the reasons and solutions for the chromatic aberration are as follows:

1.Raw materials

Chromatic abnormalities show up as a result of variation in the crude materials used in the production process. There is a difference in the materials as a result of the area where the ore was produced.


Therefore, raw materials used in the production of custom quartz slabs must be properly checked to confirm they have been well preserved.


Other raw materials obtained should be compared to those already available to check out the differences in their physical properties such as size, weight and the degree of impurities present.  

 How To Solve The Chromatic Aberration Problem Of Quartz Stone Slab

2.Pigment weighing and mixing

Custom quartz slabs produce to be made from similar raw materials batches and are to be properly mixed. The ore used are to be cleansed.  


Therefore, minerals are to be properly processed; the ore is to be purified like the mirror glass and stone powder to prevent the iron content from exceeding the accepted quantity to avoid any form of abnormality.


Materials used in the production of custom quartz slabs are to be appropriately measured, added and mixed regarding the quantity used. Period of mixing should be determined by the amount of color that is accurately measured and added. Other materials used are to be appropriately poured to prevent the toner from wastage.


The disparity in color that might result from inadequate mixing should be controlled by swirling the aggregate before the resin is uniformly added and mixed. Before swirling is continued the surroundings of the mixing shaft is to be cleaned after which the powder is added.


The powder is not added on the mixing shaft when poured. Also residues around the mixing pot should be cleared to have uniformity in the content of each pot to prevent an inappropriate mixing procedure.


3.Acid value of the resin

Try to use products from the same manufacturer and the same model to avoid deviations caused by different manufacturers and different acid values, which will affect the gloss of the quartz slabs.


Many reasons are attached to the disparity in custom quartz slabs color, and require the manager to detect the major cause of the difference in color during production and avoid it.


Appropriate procedures are to be put in place to have products with similar quality and also to ensure consistency in the worth of produce.  


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