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Is Quartz Good for Kitchen Countertops?

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We’re all looking to find the ideal materials for our properties. However, this becomes even more tricky when it comes to kitchen countertops since there’s no simple way to outline the perfect kitchen countertop material. Luckily, our friendly team is on hand today to help you find out a little more about the best materials for kitchen countertops and how quartz might fit the bill.

What are Some of the Main Requirements of Kitchen Countertops?

Before we begin looking at some of the key things you need to know about the suitability of quartz as a material for kitchen countertops, we first need to clarify what actually makes a good kitchen countertop. While many people assume this doesn’t really matter, this decision can significantly impact the suitability of a chosen countertop material for your needs. So, please don’t leave this to chance – before you begin shopping around for a new kitchen countertop, make sure you’ve considered the key features it needs to have.

One of the most obvious things your new kitchen countertop will need is simple: it needs to be able to live up to the rigors of a modern kitchen. Whether you’re just buying a counter for your personal kitchen at home or if you’re looking for a new commercial option that’ll keep your business kitchen running well, quartz could lend itself in many different ways.

In addition, your new quartz kitchen counter also needs to be incredibly long-lasting. A long-lasting kitchen countertop should be able to stand the test of time for your business or home. After all, no one ever wants to spend more money than they have to; in addition, it’s well worth noting here that replacing your entire kitchen counter comes with a lot of hassle. As such, it’s often much more practical to invest in a single, strong, and long-lasting counter that will do the job for as long as possible rather than paying for a cheap option that’s not going to last!

Is It Important to Replace my Counter Regularly?

A high-quality countertop, such as a quartz kitchen countertop, should not need to be replaced regularly. After all, when it comes to your property’s counters, ensuring you have invested in a long-lasting counter will reduce your need to keep the counter replaced. After all, having to change your kitchen countertops regularly is expensive and a common issue that can cause a great deal of disruption in your property. For private homes, this represents a major nuisance. However, for commercial kitchens, this could potentially leave your business out of action for a short while, making it a concerning possibility.

However, if your counter begins showing signs of aging, it’s important to get it replaced, as cracks, chips, and damage to the counter can all potentially increase the chance of the counter getting contaminated. This might include contamination with debris and unhealthy pathogens, which increase the chances of any prepared food getting cross-contaminated and making people feel unwell or sick. As such, if you have any concerns about the strength of your kitchen countertop, make sure you replace or seal it as soon as possible to keep it in good condition.

Coarse Grains Iced White Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Is Quartz Good for Kitchen Countertops?

There are numerous potential benefits of quartz for use in kitchen countertops. Some of the main benefits of quartz countertops include the following points. However, it’s worth considering that every kitchen is different; therefore, in order to ensure that your chosen countertop is right for your or your customers’ needs, getting the counter made to measure can often be a good option overall. This may help inform your final decision accordingly.

Hygienic Material

Quartz, by its nature, is an incredibly hygienic material, which could make it an excellent option to consider for your kitchen. Indeed, when preparing food, it’s common for spillages to occur.

However, these can potentially result in bacteria and pathogens building up on the surface of your countertop, even when cleaned. Luckily, since quartz is non-porous, it won’t “soak up” any nasties, making them far easier to clean away as a result.

Easy to Maintain

You want your kitchen to look the best it can possibly be all the time. Luckily, quartz lends itself excellently to this since it’s incredibly easy to maintain. It doesn’t need regular sealing like many other materials, and it is easy to clean and wipe off often – which makes looking after it easier and quicker than ever.

Stunning Aesthetic

For many of us, our kitchens are the very heart of the property and where we often spend a lot of time. As such, it’s perhaps no surprise that quartz can make an excellent material for kitchen countertops since it offers such a beautiful and aesthetically stunning design. Better still, the unique design of quartz countertops is incredibly easy to apply with many different designs, so no matter what your kitchen’s current look is, quartz could lend itself ready.

Alaska White Quartz Countertop

Is Quartz Suitable for Commercial Kitchen Countertops?

Quartz is an exceptionally versatile material, which is just as true when it comes to commercial kitchens and home kitchens. Of course, commercial kitchens need a professional, hygienic, and low-maintenance countertop material, all of which are features that quartz can offer. As such, this could be a worthwhile option to consider if you’re looking to upgrade the kitchens in your commercial business property.

However, try to keep in mind that not all quartz countertops are necessarily created equally. So, you should always take time to begin with to find the highest-quality and most durable quartz countertops overall.

Blanco Glaciers Veins Quartz Slab

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a new kitchen countertop material, quartz might be just the option you deserve. It’s incredibly valuable in many different ways, and its excellent properties lend themselves ideally to kitchen applications.

However, if you still have any further questions about the value of quartz for kitchen countertops, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team here at VIVA today. We’re proud to provide some of the best kitchen countertops on the market, and we’ll do our best to help you find ideal solutions.

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