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Is Quartz Stone Slab Stain Resistant?

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When considering the trends among various countertop surface materials, tile, wood, and laminate were among the most popular and widely used covering materials in the past twenty to thirty years.


Closely following tiles and laminate, the next trend was a rapid increase in the use of natural stones due to their relatively high quality and durability.


In recent times, most project managers and homeowners are now going for engineered countertop surface covering materials such as the quartz stone slab.


The reason for this shift in preference is in part, due to the absolute suitability of this piece of countertop material for use either in the kitchen, bathroom, or on countertops in the bar.


Also as a contributing factor to this wide acceptance of quartz stone slab is their durability, professional finish, and ease of maintenance.


Despite all these good and admirable qualities of this engineered stone, there are still scrupulous manufacturers out there that are filling the marketplace with inferior products.

 Is Quartz Stone Slab Stain Resistant

For this reason, it is wise for you to partner with a reliable and professional manufacturer of quartz stone slab to have products that compliment your money.


The Big Question: Are Quartz Stone Slab Stain Resistant

Many homeowners and project managers have one burning question about engineered stones, and that is “are quartz stone slab stain-resistant?”


In its simplest form, the candid answer is Yes, quartz stone slab is stain-resistant. The reason for this answer is because quartz stones do not require a regular maintenance routine as other countertop materials do. In addition to this, quartz stone slabs are also resistant to chipping, scratches, and some types of stains.


Nevertheless, quartz stone slabs are not resistant to abrasive materials, dyes, extreme heat, and other harsh chemicals. When it comes to extreme heat no countertop material can withstand that.  


What makes quartz stone slab to be stain-resistant?

Unlike most natural stones such as limestone, sandstone, marble, and even onyx that are known to be porous (absorb stains left on their surface), quartz is extremely non-porous.


For this reason, some natural stones that are porous to stains usually require some routine maintenance that involves sealing to ensure that stains find it difficult to penetrate their surfaces.


However, for quartz stone, the situation varies depending on the methods and materials used in its manufacturing process. In the manufacturing process of quartz stone, quartz sand is usually combined with resin and pigment and then compressed to remove all air space.


This, in turn, gives quartz their hard, durable, and non-porous surface finish they are known for. Due to this thorough and meticulous steps taken in the manufacture of quartz stones, a large fraction of spills and stains don’t affect or penetrate quartz stones.


At present, the quartz stone in the market can be divided into two types based on their production process. One is die-cast quartz stone while the other is cast quartz stone.


Die-cast quartz stone is produced through a series of procedures such as artificial high pressure, high vibration, high-temperature curing, and high-speed polishing. Due to the production process, the hardness and specific gravity of the quartz stone slab are relatively high.


Therefore, wear resistance, scratch resistance, and high-temperature resistance are higher than other artificial stone products and natural stone.


The surface of the quartz stone slab is smooth, without any pores and capillary cracks. Also, the water absorption rate is almost zero, so the quartz stone slab will not bleed even if it is immersed in liquid before it is.


In most cases, some quartz stone slabs that have been customized to look elegant like marble, can lighten up the entire space, ultimately remain resistant to spills on it.


Quartz stone is a dense and non-porous composite material manufactured under vacuum conditions. Its quartz surface has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali. Liquid substances used in daily life will not penetrate its interior and will be placed for a long time. The liquid on the surface only needs to be wiped off with a rag with clean water, and the remaining material on the surface can be scraped off with a blade if necessary.


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