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Notes for Quartz Countertop Installation

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Nowadays, quartz countertops commonly serve as kitchen countertops for their excellent performance like high hardness, waterproofness, easy maintenance, etc. When installing quartz countertops in the kitchen, there are some points that you need to note. The beauty and the service life of the kitchen countertop are related to its installation quality. As a professional quartz countertop manufacturer, let us tell you something notable when installing a quartz countertop in the kitchen.


Notes for Installation

1. Before installation, check the flatness of the cabinet first and then check whether the size of the quartz countertop matches the cabinet completely. If errors occur, the quartz countertops need to be reprocessed, or the cabinets need to be trimmed.


2. When measuring the depth of the cabinet body, the quartz countertop needs to reserve a size of 4cm to facilitate the installation of the hanging sidebars.


3. When splicing some super-long countertops like L-shaped countertops, to ensure the flatness of the spliced countertops and the tightness of the joints, it is recommended to use strong fixing clips to fix the quartz stone slab.


In addition, when bonding the hanging strips, a strong fixing clip should also be used to ensure the perfect combination of the countertop splicing and the seam between the countertop and the hanging strip.


4. There should be a certain distance between the quartz stone countertop and the wall, which is usually 3mm to 5mm. After installation, the seam between the countertop and the wall should be evenly coated with glass glue.


5. During installation, try to avoid large-scale cutting and drilling holes of quartz stone. On the one hand, it is to prevent cutting dust from polluting the construction site, and on the other hand, it is to prevent errors caused by inaccurate cutting.


6. Due to the high hardness and high density of quartz countertops, the processing technology requirements are high. Therefore, for the installation of quartz stone countertops, you should contact a professional installer who uses professional tools. You must not install the quartz countertop by yourself to avoid unnecessary trouble.

install quartz countertops




Acceptance Standard After Installation

When the installation is finished, you need to check the quartz countertop if it is qualified for your personal use. Let’s what acceptance standard should we pay attention to.

install quartz countertop


Coloring Difference

Quartz stones of the same type and color will have a certain degree of coloring difference due to different production times. You must pay attention to comparison and check the color effect of the countertop.



After the quartz countertop is installed, be sure to check the flatness with a level again.




If the glue line of the seam can be clearly seen after the countertop is installed, or the obvious wrong seam can be felt by the hand, it means that the seam is definitely not done.




Holes need to be drilled on the sink and the cooker. The edge of the hole should be round and not jagged. The four corners should be curved to a certain degree instead of a simple right angle, and special reinforcement is also needed.


Water Barrier

In order to prevent the water from the countertop from flowing behind the cabinet, a water barrier must be used for the place where the countertop is against the wall. It should be noted that this upturn must be a smoothly curved upturn instead of a right-angled upturn, otherwise, it will leave a dead corner that is difficult to clean.



The place where the water barrier connects with the wall should be glued with white glass glue. The place where the countertop connects with the sink will be glue with transparent glass glue. Before gluing, you must check whether the outer packaging of the glass glue is marked with an anti-mold function. After gluing, you must tell the installation workers to clean up the glue residue in time.


Where to Buy Quartz Countertop

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