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Quartz Countertops - an Unbiased View of the Pros and Cons

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Discussions about high-class, luxurious, and elegant stones are incomplete without mentioning quartz. With quartz, you will not only get an arresting and stylish material but also, its durability and quality are sure to keep it new for light-years.

Whether you want to redo or remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or other places, this is a material that should top your priority list for a number of valid reasons. Factoring in aesthetics or naturality, it reigns supreme.

However, as they say, nothing is perfect. So, in this guide, we will cover a few downsides as well as upsides of the material. In the end, you’ll be able to make a well-balanced and informed decision on whether to use or otherwise.

leather surface quartz slab

Why use quartz countertops?

As mentioned before, Quartz embodies that natural beauty you’ll only find in natural stone. What's even more interesting is this elegant and arresting look isn't its primary selling point!

First is the boundless color options

When using Quartz countertops, color is the least of your worries. You’ll almost always find whatever design or color you want. Manufacturing Quartz is very flexible. You can produce it by mining or blending some synthetic materials. As such, there are boundless color options as opposed to what you’ll get from the 100% natural stones. It also implies that you don't have to confine yourself to a small compartment of color shades. And chances are you are guaranteed to find the perfect color for your intent.

Negligible maintenance demands

Quartz is non-porous. As such, stains of fruit juice, wine, and others will not stain your countertop. This means you’ll find it quite easier to maintain than other countertop materials. With its natural seal, you don't have to worry about oils and liquids. You can also be sure that accidental spills won't mark the end of your counter.

Since it is nonporous, it leaves no room for bacteria or fungal growths, making it an even more hygienic option for your space. To clean your quartz countertops, all you need is a little bit of soapy water and you’re good to go.

Very durable material

Imagine buying a high-end marble countertop. Undeniably, it will make your space look as fabulous as possible. At least, until something comes loose and crashes into it. Now, you’re left with a broken countertop. While this may seem unlikely, remember nothing is impossible.

But with Quartz, you don't even have to bother yourself about this scenario at all. As opposed to several other natural stone alternatives, quartz is not destructible. Due to striations in most of these alternatives, they are prone to crack as well. But with quartz, this shouldn’t be a problem.

modern quartz slab

Downsides of quartz countertops

Firstly, your quartz countertop has an arch-enemy – heat. It is quite vulnerable to heat and this may deplete its overall lifespan. But this is a solvable problem. Get some heat pads and keep using your countertop without worrying.

Besides, the material makes it difficult to hide the seam. Not to mention that it is not the cheapest countertop in the market today. But considering the long-term associated costs, you’ll discover that it is definitely worth the initial investment.

classic pure color slab

Professional quartz slab manufacturer

If you are looking for advice on quartz countertops, our team is always ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us at  sales@vivaquartzstone.com.






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