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Quartz Slab Manufacturing Process

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Have you ever wondered about how quartz slabs are produced? More and more people are turning to top-quality quartz slabs and countertops for their properties. It’s no surprise, really. After all, the stunning aesthetic that quartz slabs offer is almost second to none! However, if you’ve been unsure whether quartz slabs might be right for you, we’ve outlined some key things you need to know about the quartz slab manufacturing process to help you learn a little more. After all, quartz slabs are excellent materials to work with, and this might influence your choice.

How are Quartz Slabs Manufactured?

Understanding how quartz slabs are manufactured is a little more involved than some other countertop materials. Indeed, while quartz slabs are made from natural stones, they go through further processing to transform them into the amazing counters that we know and love.

The Quartz Slab Manufacturing Process

#1 Mining Raw Quartz

The first step in the quartz slab manufacturing process, as you might guess, is mining the raw quartz from the earth. Most often, open-put mining is used to extract raw, natural quartz from the earth for further processing. The use of natural quartz ensures that quartz slabs are all unique and beautiful!

#2 Cleaning

After the quartz has been mined, it needs to be cleaned with strong cleaning chemicals to remove any chemical impurities. This helps ensure that every one of our top-quality quartz slabs undergoes our rigorous quality control in the manufacturing process, which keeps everything looking its best.

#3 Crushing

Once the quartz is fully clean, it undergoes a crushing process to help reduce the size of the particles into small, individual pieces. A crusher and vibrating screen help manage and separate crushed pieces.

#4 Grinding and Binding

Now, we can take the crushed quartz particles and ground them down into an incredibly fine and delicate powder, which we then bind with the highest-quality resins to create a strong, sealed quartz slab. Our slabs include around 93% pure, natural quartz.

#5 Heating and Cooling

The next stage in the quartz slab manufacturing process is to heat the slab up, where gently heating the quartz slab at around 85 degrees is an effective way to seal the slab and help make it durable and strong. Thereafter, the quartz slab is cooled and trimmed, ensuring they offer the highest possible standard as a result.

We never compromise when it comes to our customers’ satisfaction. Contact our experts today to see how our unrelenting quality control processes help ensure you get the best quartz materials as a result. Why leave this to chance by investing in any other quartz?

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Final Thoughts

Quartz slabs could be the perfect solution if you’ve been looking to find the ideal new material for your property. However, knowing how quartz slabs are made can be hugely helpful, and our friendly experts are on hand if you still have any further questions about the quartz slab manufacturing process. Remember: quartz slabs are exceptionally versatile materials, and so they might be a good option for your countertop needs too.






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