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Quartz Stone Slab: What Are The Pros And Cons?

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The choice of a good and fitting countertop for your kitchen or bathroom is a serious business.


In fact, making this choice is as serious as the entire plan of building and setting up your space.


Well, many people tend tilt towards the use of quartz stone for their countertop due to its high-quality and other advantages it offers.


However, when making this choice as a homeowner, you need to partner with a reputable quartz stone slab supplier in China who can guide on you everything you need to know about this contemporary home fixture.


So, to satisfy your curiosity about what to expect from a quartz stone slab, here are some pros and cons you should expect when using quartz stone slab.

 Quartz Slab

Pros of Quartz Stone Slab

1. They Are Highly Durable

When using a quartz stone slab for your countertop, you are guaranteed of a material that is very strong enough to withstand different kinds of activities from your busy family for many years.


Due to its scratch and stain resistance and waterproof surface, a lot of homeowners tend to go for quartz stone slab since they are sure of not buying any other one soon.


2. Consistency in Appearance

Like you may already know, quartz stone slab are engineered stones made from real quartz grits and other materials, which are bound together using a resin.


For this reason, quartz stone slab tends to retain their shine for a long time compared to other countertop materials which are prone to fading within a short time.


3. Quartz Stone Slab Requires a Little Maintenance Effort

Another advantage of teaming up with a quart stone slab supplier in China for high quality quartz stone slab is that you will spend little or nothing to maintain it.


Due to their waterproof and nonporous surface, all you need to maintain your quartz stone slab is a piece of cloth with some water.


As a matter of fact, you don’t need any special cleaner to clean your quartz stone slab for the purpose of maintaining its shine.


Cons of Quartz Stone Slab

1. Designed for a Contemporary Look

As an engineered stone, quartz stone slab are made to give your space a contemporary look of beauty, especially as they come in various styles, colours and patterns.


So, if you need something a bit rustic and traditional for your home, you may have to consider other countertop materials such as marble and granite.


2. Price

When considering to use quartz stone in your space, one of the first thing you should remember is the fact that it is a luxury option.


For this reason, the price of a quartz stone slab per square foot can’t be compared to other materials such as granite and marble.


However, quartz stone is more durable, environmentally friendly and easier to care than marble and granite. Although it is expensive, it is worthwhile.


3. Indoor Use Only

As mentioned earlier, quartz stone slabs are the perfect option for giving your space a contemporary look of beauty.


For this reason, they are basically designed to be used indoors since the resin used in binding the various components of quartz stone can easily fade or discolour when exposed to direct sunlight.


Wrap Up

Quartz stone slabs are the first option to look at when considering to give your space a contemporary look with a scenic backdrop.


They are most sought after due to their durability and little or zero maintenance cost which they require.


However, their price range when compared to other countertop materials seems to be a barrier why a lot of homeowners can’t afford quartz stone slab for their space


Nevertheless, teaming up with a professional quartz stone slab supplier in China is the best way to get the best deal on quartz stone. 






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