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Quartz Stone Splicing: Things To Consider In Cool Weather

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The beautification of a home is important and necessary, and beautifying a home makes it nice and conducive to life. The decoration of the kitchen and living room is highly essential in the home because it is one of the most used areas in a home.


There are many décor materials in the market such as stainless steel, natural stone, and quartz stone, but the most popular among them are quartz stone.


This is because of its durability, resistance to high temperature, wear resistance, non-radiation, antibacterial, non-toxic, anti-leakage, and many other advantageous benefits.

 Quartz Stone Splicing Things To Consider In Cool Weather

It is highly recognized and widely used. It is used as a cabinet countertop in the kitchen or used as the flooring of the entire home. 


Also, quartz stone is highly recognized in national green environmental protection because of the use of recycling materials.


However, to enjoy all these juicy perks from quartz stone, purchasing them from an experienced and reputable manufacturer is the most recommended option to get the most durable and unique décor for your home.


Consideration for splicing and installation 

Quartz stone is applied in various areas. The processing and installation have to be done diligently and with maximum care. Quartz stone is a solid surface material for decoration so the processing is done differently based on different seasons and environments. 


There are some considerations put to place in a different season of production. And this is because quartz possesses thermal expansion and contraction characteristics. 


The overall splicing of quartz stone needs compatible equipment for processing. To cut the splicing seams diagonally, you must use special splicing glue for quartz stone.


After the splicing, use the resin glue from the manufacturer to ensure the same color as the paste. 


Also, to prevent different colors, match the color with the board before you paste. When pasting on the edges of the joints apply paper tape which will prevent the glue from contacting.


Choose glue according to different room temperatures, check the basic characteristics, production date, shelf life, and use the temperature of the glue, so as not to apply inappropriate glue to cause the quartz stone to be unsealed, yellow, or cracked.


What you need to consider in installing quartz stone in cool weather


1. Check the size of where you want to install it if it matches with the size of the quartz stone. In the case of flooring, calculate the numbers it needed that will fit in well.


2. When using for cabinet, you need to measure the depth of the cabinet for the ease of trimming the edge, and the table must retain an additional 4cm space.


3. To gain flatness of the splice table and seams tightness use a strong clip such as “A” clip or “F” clip to install the quartz stone.


4. During the installation of quartz stone countertops and walls, you need to leave some distance, about 3mm to 5mm. After the fixing, the space in between the wall and table needs coating with glass glue. Doing this will prevent cracking as a result of contraction and expansion.


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