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Quartz VS. Concrete Countertops - Weighing the Heavyweight Options

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When it comes to countertops and remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, two names that typically pop up are concrete and quartz countertops. Without a doubt, they are both great materials. But which one is best suited for you?

Both options have their fair share of upsides and downsides. However, quartz reigns supreme in terms of maintenance. And this, alone, has made it quite the popular one amongst most homeowners wanting the best bang for their buck. However, this is not enough to make a decision.

To help you with this decision, this article helps you understand the differences between both heavyweight options, so you can ultimately decide which is tailored to your preferences.

Which looks better between quartz and concrete?

In terms of look, one fact is obvious – both materials have quite arresting and satisfying patterns and colors. Also, remember that human creativity keeps evolving. This could be said about technology as well. For this reason, it becomes even more difficult to differentiate both materials in terms of looks.

But taking a closer look, we can point out a few differences. Firstly, concrete always appears to be more rough-edged and rugged. Still, remember that polishing and sanding it can make it smoother. Conversely, Quartz can replicate the appearance of granite and marble without the hassle, especially with a boundless range of designs available.

Verdict: Quartz

coarse grains sparking gray quartz countertop

Factoring in the durability

Just a few spots behind Diamond, Quartz holds a reasonable position as one of the hardest minerals you’ll find today. Hence, by using quartz, you can be sure of scratch and stain resistance as well as durable material. In fact, if you’re using quartz for your countertops, you won't have to seal them.

Verdict: Quartz

Maintenance demands

As hinted before, you never need to seal your quartz countertops. As such, the need for re-sealing our outrageous maintenance demands is somewhat absent. All you have to do is wipe away traces of grime with a little bit of soapy water without using any special cleaner.

Verdict: Quartz

Color options

The Quartz countertop market is quite saturated with quality brands. Hence, you have tons of color options to pick from. In fact, you’ll find new color schemes and designs emerging yearly. This implies that you can even find a Quartz that looks like concrete in terms of color, and without the hassle. In essence, while concrete has some great color options, you can always find such colors in Quartz. Concrete can as well be mixed with creative pigments, and acid stains, which brings some customizability into its color options.

Verdict: Quartz


Initially, you’ll Quartz seems to be the pricier one of the two. However, the cost of seeking professional help for concrete installation is sure to drive up the prices. Not to mention the exorbitant maintenance demands or replacement. But if you are looking for an investment that will cost you less in the long term, without demanding much from you, Quartz is the name you’re looking for.

Verdict: Quartz

original grain polished slab

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