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Quartz vs Granite Countertop: How to Choose the Right One?

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Many homeowners have trouble in choosing countertop materials - Quartz vs Granite countertop. Indeed, these two materials are two of the hottest products on the decoration market nowadays. Over the years, quartz countertops have become increasingly popular among people. Why? After reading the comparison between quartz and granite countertop below, you will know why we recommend a lot quartz countertops. The difference between quartz and granite countertop lies in the following aspects.


Composition & Manufacture

Quartz is a kind of man-made or engineered stone, which is composed of 93% of quartz crystals, 7% of resin, and other trace elements. Resin is the main element that is used to bind them into a countertop.


To make a quartz stone plate, our factory will put quartz sand, quartz stone powder, and resin together in proportion. Then workers will put high pressure on these raw materials. After that, the quartz stone plate will be vacuumed. Finally, it is polished over 30 procedures. The manufacturing process of quartz countertops is more complicated than that of granite countertops.


Granite is a 100% natural stone composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is a kind of condensation of magma. Generally, granite can slice up into bigger slap than others, and it’s easier to repair by simple polishing when it gets a little scratch. A granite plate is incised from a huge natural granite, and the raw plate is polished.



Granite is famous for its natural beauty. It can be unique in each slap with its character and movement. The appearance is pretty much the same as it comes from the mountain. It is suitable for homeowners who love natural beauty. However, the look of it can not be changed. Although granite countertops provide various choices in appearance, you may spend much time looking for the ideal piece that suits your kitchen.


By comparison, due to the artificial quartz's uniformity, you can make each quartz slab into the color and pattern you want. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, quartz countertops allow you to customize the individual color scheme in your kitchen design. So quartz is a great material and easy for you to expectantly get the right countertop to match your kitchen properly.


Quartz vs Granite Countertop

Quartz Stone

quartz vs granite countertop




While decorating a house, the material cost is one of the primary elements to consider for many homeowners. As the representative of green stones, quartz countertops are more expensive than granite. For long-term consideration, quartz is a more economical countertop choice for its good durability and stain-resistant performance. So you will also save a lot of money on maintenance and cleaning.



Firstly, the non-porous quartz countertops do not need any resealing on the surface. If the soy sauce, vinegar, coffee, or other spill is left on the surface, you can wipe it out with soapy water. Therefore, bacteria could not hide inside a quartz stone countertop because the quartz countertops do not have any flaw or pore.


Quartz countertops also have strong resistance to acid and base, so you don’t worry about vinegar and water containing soda will damage and discolor the quartz surface. In short, the cleaning and maintenance of quartz countertops are easy. It takes you less time and labor, o maintain quartz countertops. Most importantly, you can save your money without additional maintenance costs.


Granite countertops need sealing in installation, and annual resealing to keep their service life longer. It is recommended to use soapy water or a mild cleaner to clean countertops every day. Dirt and bacteria can easily hide in the gaps on the surface, which can damage the countertop and harm our health. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of granite countertops require more time, labor, and money.



Granite countertops have extreme resistance to high temperatures, scratches, and wears as they are pretty hard materials. You can use a knife directly on a granite countertop without concerns. However, granite is likely to crack faster than quartz for liquids, and bacteria can penetrate the surface easily.


In contrast, the hardness of quartz is up to the 7th level on the Mohs hardness scale. Thus, it is second only to diamonds in terms of strength and much harder than an ordinary knife. Thus, cutting things with a knife on quartz countertops can hardly cause scratches.



Environmentally Friendly

Quartz stone contains a crystalline mineral that is one of the inorganic materials.

So, quartz countertops are free of toxic and radioactive elements. It is safe enough for quartz countertops to contact food directly.


However, granite countertops are formed by natural minerals. A slight amount of radiations and radon gas within them will be released. Overall, quartz countertops are more eco-friendly and safer.



Quartz and granite countertop have their advantages and disadvantages. Quartz vs granite, how can you choose the best one? In fact, the best choice always depends on the actual needs and specific applications of customers. Before buying, you must consider several factors. We are a professional quartz countertop manufacturer. If you want to know more about quartz countertops, please directly contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com.

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