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September 10, 2020: VIVA Conducts Fire Safety Training To Sensitize Workers

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VIVA Quartz Stone, an artificial quartz slab manufacturer in China, today, organized and carried out a successful Fire Safety Training.


This workshop aimed at developing awareness among workers regarding fire hazards in the workplace, the risk factors, prevention, and control measures.


The training was an inclusive one and involved members of all the levels and departments of the company. The company management, heads of departments, and workers were all actively involved during the workshop.

 September 10, 2020 VIVA Conducts Fire Safety Training To Sensitize Workers

This routine training also aims at building a safer working environment for our employees by strengthening staffs’ awareness of fire hazard prevention and protection.


By so doing, our employees will be able to prevent and eliminate possible internal and external hazards and know how individuals should react and escape in the face of sudden fire accidents.


At the end of the fire safety training, the heads of various departments within the company expressed their satisfaction with the training and also promised to further strengthen the study of fire protection knowledge as well as fire accident prevention at their department levels.

Through this training and sensitization, the Viva Quartz Company has built a "firewall" for fire safety in all aspects such as the safe use of electricity and the prohibition of smoking in the factory.


With such a firewall in place, the alarm bell will ring to alert members of staff of possible fire danger within the company at any time. This, you can tell is a way of prioritizing the prevention of fire accidents within the factory.


Benefits of the Fire Safety Training

1. Firstly, with the basic knowledge of fire hazard prevention and protection among members of staff, they can easily learn from each other, and so promote the needed skills to escape from any fire hazard by both employers and customers.


2. Secondly, such knowledge of the risk of fire hazard will stir up the consciousness of everyone in the company about their individual responsibilities to put emergency fire prevention plans in place to avoid any form of hazard within the company as they go about their day-to-day activities.


3. Thirdly, the fire safety training also helps to create awareness about fire emergency handling procedures, fire evacuation methods, fire-fighting measures, and also to strengthen the knowledge of operating common fire prevention gadgets among members of staff.


4. Finally, the training was also to reawaken the consciousness of staff about the need to carry out potential safety hazards analysis within the company.  With this, staff will insist on daily inspections, especially intensify inspections of key company parts such as exhibition halls, workshops, office areas, and warehouses, and require the persons responsible to implement specific fire safety requirements.


5. Fire-fighting security measures, the safety performance of key parts such as power lines, fire hydrants, and fire extinguishers, regularly inspected by special personnel to ensure the safety of the plant. In this regard, Lei, who is the company’s administrative department head will supervise the fire safety of various departments from time to time, and build a long-term fire safety mechanism to ensure preventive measures are taken throughout the company.


VIVA Quartz Stone will continue to strengthen labor protection, improve working conditions, safeguard the vital interests of workers and employees, ensure the safety of the country and people's lives and property, and promote enterprise development.






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