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The Installation Process for Quartz Stone Slabs

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Quartz has been enjoying some terrific traction over the years, and deservedly so! From recent reports, more and more people are now considering durable, flexible, customizable, and low-maintenance options for their countertops. Not to mention the overwhelming range of unique pigments and alluring accents that contribute to its effortless beauty. The best of all is that the material is the easiest to install.

In this guide, we will range through the straightforward installation process of quartz stone slabs, so you can DIY moving forward.

How to install quartz stone slabs?

Pick the right option for your space

You'd typically find quartz countertops available in different designs, patterns, and colors. Before kickstarting the installation process, it is important to ensure you’re picking the option that aligns with your space’s aesthetics. The color options for quartz countertops are somewhat boundless, so you must factor in this for a better decision. Besides, you must consider the right cutout, edging, and backsplash suited for you in this decision-making process.

In a nutshell, you must be able to paint a clear picture of your space before and after completing the installation process. With this, you will also find it easier to instruct the fabricator clearly to rid the process of disappointments.

Get your space prepped

Before embarking on the installation process, be sure that your space is ready for it. With this, you can avoid wasted efforts, and time, and save some costs. A common idea amongst most new homeowners is that their cabinets are the only key consideration when it comes to installing new countertops. However, for an optimized installation process, be sure you’re embarking with a finished flooring, dry paint, and fully set up electrical and plumbing materials.

Get your cabinet measures

Take a measuring tape and estimate the length and width of your cabinet top. If you guess the values inaccurately, you may be left with wrong cuts and wasted slabs, which means wasted money. Also, don't forget to estimate your sink openings, islands, and other key areas as well.

For a more optimized countertop purchase, always add about half an inch to hour measurements.

carrara series fairy white quartz slab

Install by dry fitting

Once you’ve bought your slab, then it's time to fit it on the appropriate countertop. To do this, all you have to do is to place it in the chosen installation area. This is q process we call dry fitting. Be sure that you’re placing every slab piece into its space accurately and without excess spaces or gaps. While dry fitting is a somewhat straightforward process, you may typically need help from your friends on anyone around, considering the weight of the quartz slabs.

With precision, shape the quartz to the countertop by making cut lines

Once you’ve dry-fitted the material, then it’s time to adjust it to fit the space perfectly. If you notice the need to trim or cut the quartz slab, be sure to highlight the regions using a pencil. Do this starting from the top to the bottom. Demarcate the areas on every side of the slab if you want the best result.

Cut the marked regions with a power saw and diamond masonry blade

Be sure that the blade you’re choosing has a depth, which is half of the thickness of the slab. For more stability on the surface, you can hold the slab with your left hand and cut along the marked area with your right. While doing this, make sure that the teeth of the blade are pointed opposite to the slab. Now, do the process again for every end. To ensure that your slab is not getting damaged by overheating, remove the blade at 30 seconds interval.

Now it’s time to attach

There are some cases where you need to remove old countertops. In this case, you might have to remove the kitchen sink before doing that. So, be sure to reinstall it before attaching your countertop. When doing these, be sure to protect your cabinet’s top edge with tape. When you cover the top of your cabinet, you can be sure that the adhesive you use for the slab doesn't touch the edges.

Optimize low cabinet support with ledger

Quartz countertops are quite heavy. While they are very functional even when placed on a cabinet with zero support, it is important to support the areas that seem weak. Be sure that you install ledgers to offer the required support.

modern quartz slab leather surface

Use adhesive on the cabinet in beads

Start by applying 3 inches of silicone adhesive on the corners of your cabinet and work it around the cabinet slowly. To make sure the slab is held tightly enough, make a 6 to 12 inches spacing between each adhesive bead. And don't wait till it dries off before taking off the tape. Doing this will make removing the tape less easy.

Place your slabs carefully on the cabinet

Once you’re done applying the adhesive, you can then place the slabs carefully on the beads, one at a time. Be sure to do this before the adhesive dries off. Once you place the slab, press it gently to the cabinet to make sure it adheres efficiently. But then, you'd want to ensure that you work with extra hands when laying the heavy slab on the cabinet.

If you notice any visible joints between each slab, be sure to seal them. Do this by covering the surrounding area with tape and putting some of the silicone adhesives into the joints. Once you’re done with this, allow it to dry. Also, remember to take off the tape before the adhesive fully dries to make it all easier.

Some extra considerations

Ensure that you carefully observe the slab in direct sunlight to detect whether the colors match, the gloss levels are even or the slab has cracks. Also, you want to be sure that your countertop corners are about a 3/8 degree radius. Furthermore, ensure that the adhesive you’re using has the identical pigmentation to the slab you’re installing. If you’re not able to get an identical adhesive, you may as well create a mixture of the adhesive with some color pigments to get the right color.

carrara series beige quartz countertops

Professional quartz slab manufacturer

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