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The price increase of raw materials leads to an increase in the cost of quartz stone

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In recent years, quartz stone slab has been widely used in various applications, such as custom solutions for home and commercial interiors, bathroom cabinets and counters and Kitchen countertops. This is due to its high hardness of quartz stone, not easy to damage. Quartz stone countertops are also easy to clean due to its non-porous surface, a much better alternative to granite or marble countertops.

The price increase of raw materials leads to an increase in the cost of quartz stone


Quartz stone is a new type of stone artificially synthesized by 93% quartz sand, some resins, pigments, and curing agents. Its price is generally lower than natural stone, i.e. granite, marble. However, with the intensifying of environment protection regulations enforced by the government, and stricter controls over mineral developments, there is a decrease in the availability of the high-grade quartz sand. This has led to a price increase in the raw material, quartz sand. The price of other raw materials such as resin also witnessed an increase.

This increase in raw material prices has affected the production cost of quartz stone products, presenting a challenge to all the manufacturers in the industry.

Some manufacturers choose to compromise the quality for a higher profit by using cheap raw materials, selling low quality quartz stone. On the other hand, most manufacturers choose to preserve the quality by raising the price, sending price adjustment notification to the customers, which is what VIVA did.

Viva Quartz Stone response to rising raw material prices

Although the rising price of raw materials for quartz stone has brought challenges, we remain resolute in our product quality. We want to assure our amiable customers that we will not compromise our quality and reputation in the countertop market. Our stance in ensuring a steady supply of top notch quartz stone slab remains rigid.


To further reiterate our commitment towards providing high quality products to our global customers, we have stepped up investments in the R&D and our product design process.


We have maintained a strong reputation over the years as a trusted supplier of quartz stone slabs to a wide range of global customers. And, we continuously guarantee quality to ensure that customers enjoy the optimum experience.

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