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The Ultimate Guide for Quartz Stone Slabs

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Introduction to quartz stone slabs and countertops

Compelling features

Where to use quartz stone slabs?

High-level buyer's guide for quartz stone slabs

Final thought

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Or perhaps, you want a more homely and elegant feel for your kitchen? Quartz stone slabs can be integral to these. Especially as the home feature has a boundless range of designs to pick from, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, seamlessness, and to mention a few, are things you can expect.

Although quartz stone slab has established itself as a reliable pick for every kitchen, a number of people are still not aware of some basic details about it. If you fall into this category, this article will cover everything you need to know before buying into the hype.

Introduction to quartz stone slabs and countertops

Quartz stone slabs are typically made by combining 10% binder made of cement or polymeric, while the remaining percentage comprises natural stone, ground granite, or marble. In some cases, you’ll as well find quartz stone slabs made of mirrors, quartz, and other materials.

While every one of these slabs features different materials, their manufacturing process is very much similar. It all involves pressing the materials into slabs with considerable vibrations, and pressure in a vacuum condition. The ultimate product is usually a dense, and impermeable surface perfectly tailored countertops production.

Furthermore, during the manufacturing process, you can easily throw in some pigments as well, making it a flexible choice to add elegance and beauty to any space.

fresh black fine grain slab

Compelling features

As you probably know, one of the major selling points of quartz stone slabs is flexibility and customizability. But besides that, here are some great features that will undoubtedly arrest you.

Perfect imperfections

If you ask any installer around you, chances are they’ll definitely prefer using quartz over other natural materials. This is not only due to the ease of installation but because the material is close to perfection. When using a material like granite, nature typically dictates the form it takes and a large part of the design. However, quartz is manufactured from A to Z by man, so you can always expect fewer imperfections. And in a case where there seems to be imperfection, trust there's beauty lying somewhere in there.


Generally, quartz stone slabs are manufactured with aesthetics as one of their primary selling points. Using them, you can get various designs, styles, and other features that blend just rightly into your home. This might be all you need to upscale your room’s appearance from boring and monotonous to attractive and fashionable.

Less maintenance demand

Compared to other similar materials, your quartz stone slab doesn't require sealing. All you need to get the best out of it is a Rav and soapy water. A gentle cleansing scrub may as well come in handy suppose you're dealing with tough stains.


Needless to say, Quartz is a very durable material, boasting excellent resistance to factors such as damage, stains, heat, and other damage-inducing constraints. However, be sure to avoid close contact with hot pans or pots as they can induce lamination. Instant temperature changes can be harmful to your slab as well. Hence when using in a place with a high amount of heat, such as a kitchen, be sure to use hot pads.

solid color fantasy grey quartz stone benchtops

Where to use quartz stone slabs?

As mentioned before, quartz stone slabs are very versatile home interior features, and as such, blend perfectly with a number of areas. But here are some of the top places you should grace with elegance synonymous with quartz.

Bathroom space

When you use a quartz stone slab as a bathroom interior element, its beautiful decoration style is sure to make your bathroom as arresting as it gets. That's not all, of course. Quartz is known to have special properties to help you truncate tendencies for the fungal and bacterial infestation in the bathroom. Besides it also boasts quite some ability to resist other chemicals, hence, you can rid yourself of worries relating to scratches and strains. For these reasons, the quartz stone slab is undoubtedly the perfect choice for your bathroom.


This is probably the most common place to use the Quartz stone slab. This feature helps you maximize the overall elegance and luxury in your kitchen. Other compelling reasons you should try it for your kitchen include nonporous, nonabsorbent, and water-resistant properties. Also, the beauty of this product is sure to give your kitchen that envisaged style and a high-end feeling. It is also perfect for your kitchen hygiene.

Living room

If you want a living room that defines modern, simple, and luxurious, this is your best path to bringing that into fruition. Throw in some quartz stone slabs on your backgrounds for different home units and you’ll be wowed by the result.

High-level buyer's guide for quartz stone slabs

To ensure you’re getting the right product for you, we will cover a very straightforward and concise buying guide in this section.

Explore your options and pick the best-suited one

The first step to choosing the right slab for you is exploring different prices and the brands you'd prefer. While some brands only sell their products via box stores, you can as well turn up at a local showroom to explore your options. Viva Quartz Stones can also make these easy for you with our responsive and intuitive online marketplace. With this, you get to enjoy different choices so you can select the exact quartz stone slab you want.

Schedule a meeting

In picking the right product suited for you, the next step is scheduling a meeting with a fabricator. This person will help you measure your spaces take different dimensions, mark necessary spots and help in your journey to making the right choice.

Request quotes and order  

With the estimations in the previous process, you can understand the right quantity of slabs you need for the area. You’ll also know the edge profile, and cutout details, among others. You’ll also get to factor in associated costs. With this, you can then send in your quote and order your product.

Final thought

As this guide indicates from the outset, quartz stone slabs are just perfect for every area, introducing elegance uniqueness, and luxury to whatever space you use them in. With this guide, bet you can now make a better-informed decision on whether or not is this product tailored to your intents. Welcome to contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com.

coarse grains sparking gray quartz countertop






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