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VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-11      Origin: Site

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We are delighted to announce that we took part in the just concluded two-day one-night training operation which CP Enterprise conducted from the 3rd to the 4th of March 2021. It was a great event not just to us as individuals but as a team whose aim is to achieve an ultimate goal. As a subsidiary of this enterprise, VIVA Quartz Stone aims to playing our reputable role in events that aim at moving the entire vision of the company in the right direction.

VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities

The goal of our military training is to stimulate our employees' passion for their daily tasks, and improve their overall health both physically, mentally and socially. We hope that doing this is the best way to enhance work efficiency while ensuring the safety of the workers and the workplace.


A highlight of the event includes training to improve concentration among the different groups of workers. Another essential aspect of the event was the training to work as a team. Here, workers were subjected to some external conditions which were aimed at testing their ability to work together in the face of adversity.


Our desire here is to encourage our workers to keep up with excellence and standard even in the midst of global deterioration. We place more on our customers and always want the best for them.


As part of the training process, we engaged in a series of games that aimed to inculcate in our workers a good safety culture. We were encouraged always to take protective measures as individuals. We are encouraged to take responsibility for the safety of coworkers. Security is a collective effort, not just for an individual. We have deeply integrated the need for mutual motivation and to support and work together as a team. This way, we can pose a strong force to overcome any difficulties in the global perspective while achieving great success.


By taking part in the event, we aim to achieve the following:

Safety culture: We are committed to building a safety culture amongst the workers. We acknowledge the need to maintain a good state of our well-being to enhance the safety of activities done in the workplace.


Responsibility: By taking part in this event, we display our sense of responsibility not just to ourselves as a team but also to CP enterprise. VIVA Quartz Stone is committed to moving the collective goal of the company in the right direction.


Teamwork: After arriving at the camp in the morning, after we changed into camouflage uniforms, the coach divided the players into three groups and trained all of our players to lift the captain above their heads for three minutes. The coach would also splash water and other external factors to interfere.

VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities1

Working together is more profitable. It breeds a sense of belonging across the different levels of employees. We encourage everyone to work as a team and to appreciate the need for collective effort.


Focus: During the military training, the coach asked us to put the water bottle on top of our heads and insist on not dropping it for five minutes to practice our concentration.

VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities2 

As a company whose aim is to continually provide our esteemed customers with the best quality quartz stone products, we acknowledge the need to remain focused amidst global distractions and external factors.


Willpower: After the training, we played a series of challenge games. For example: Jump over a broken bridge at a high altitude and grab a single pole by jumping at high altitude. The following team members cheer for the challenged team members and take various safety protection measures.

VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities3 

We deeply understand that the mutual motivation and support of the team is the strongest force to overcome difficulties and fears and finally achieve success. The challenge game also exercised our strong will.


In the evening, the team members cook for a picnic, and the base provides ingredients. We discuss what to cook and how to divide the work. Everyone had a delicious dinner cooked by themselves, and they felt full of accomplishment. Through the DIY dinner, the communication and tacit understanding between the team members are promoted.

VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities4 

On the second day, we launched a training course on consultant marketing strategy. In the class, Ms. Yang, a well-known marketing lecturer in the industry, diagnosed and analyzed the key points and difficulties in our industry's daily marketing work. By sharing cases, interacting with students, etc., it helps us break out of our thinking limitations and change the outdated mental model, laying the foundation for future marketing innovation and performance improvement.

VIVA Quartz Stone Employees Engages in Military Training Activities5 

We are the best in the artificial quartz stone industry and we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality product and better service. We are VIVA Quartz Stone!

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