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Viva Quartz Stone Slabs Sent to UK Customers 

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-24      Origin: Site

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When it comes to the ideal material for countertops in homes, quartz slabs continue to remain the preferred option for many homeowners.


As we all know the Quartz stone slab is highly durable, easy to maintain, and most importantly, they are greener.


For this reason, Foshan Viva Quartz Stone Co., Ltd. has continued to remain steadfast to the call of producing high-quality quartz slab for all our loyal and prospective customers all over the world.


Evident to our high level of professionalism in the design and manufacture of quartz slab and other flooring material, we have earned a high level of trust and confidence from our clients for the supply of high-quality quartz slabs that are manufactured to stand the test of time.


Most recently, one of our British clients whom we can categorically say is one of our loyal customers for ages, contact us for yet another business deal. Over the years which we have partnered with this customer, we can confidently say that they have displayed a high level of integrity, understanding, trust for our products, and with a good customer relationship with us. 

 Viva Quartz Stone Slabs Sent to UK Customers

Worthy of note is the fact that this customer has remained one of our long-term customers who has tested our products and services and has found us worthy of recommendation to many customers who now patronize us from all over Europe.


And while contacting us for the current deal, our British customer, first of all, requested a sample to confirm that the product will be in line with their local needs.

 Viva Quartz Stone Slabs Sent to UK Customers -

This, we did without any further delay. While providing our client with the requested sample, we also made sure that the core values of our company, which is to place the interest of our customers on top, and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our products and services, was well emphasized as we engaged our British client to know exactly what their needs were.


After the confirmation of the sample product by our British client, we went ahead into the large-scale production proper, and we followed our usual production process which usually goes in the following order;


1. Our customer chooses their Preferred style

As it is our custom, we are always open to our customer’s choices and specifications. However, with our wealth of experience in the trade, we may offer some useful suggestions to our clients in order to ensure that we give them nothing but the best.


2. Confirmation of Quotation

Based on whatever style our customer must have chosen, we prepared a reasonable and pocket-friendly quotation that will be within our customer’s budget for the products and style which they requested for.


3. Delivery of Product Sample

After our quotation was accepted by our British customer, we went ahead to produce a pilot sample, which we sent to our customers for their perusal.


4. Confirmation of Sample by our Customer

After receiving the sample product sent to our client, they were impressed by the design, and we received the go-ahead from them to continue with the large scale production of the quartz stone slab.


5. The customer makes a Deposit for mass production 

As the sample product has successfully passed their inspection, and they confirmed it to be exactly what they requested, they deposited the payment for the mass production of the order.


6. Mass Production of products 

Without wasting any time further, our team of workers went straight into the production process, and every hand was on deck to ensure that we were on time with the delivery, and still having quality at heart.


7. Packaging and Delivery

After the successful production of the entire quartz stone slab that was ordered by our British client, the product was well-packaged and shipped out of our factory precisely on Friday, September 18.


Do You Need Some High-Quality Quartz Stone Slab?

In case you have been considering where to find a trusted supplier of high-quality quartz stone slab for all your projects, kindly contact us, and you’ll be glad that you invested in the best products from a renowned manufacturer of premium quartz stone slab.


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