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What is the Best Alternative to Granite Countertops?

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Have you been looking for an alternative to granite countertops for your home or commercial property? Finding an alternative material can understandably feel difficult, sometimes. However, if you ask us, this shouldn’t have to be an issue – after all, plenty of amazing materials are out there, each of which offers slightly different features.

Fortunately, with this thought in mind, our expert team here at Viva Quartz is here today to give you some new ideas regarding the best alternative to granite countertops. However, it’s important to consider your requirements carefully. If you need further support, be sure to get in touch with us.

What are the Main Features of a Granite Countertop?

In many cases, numerous excellent features of granite countertops can make them highly popular. Some of the main features of granite countertops that you should consider include the following:

- Granite countertops are exceptionally strong. They provide impressive scratch resistance generally while also being highly resistant to high temperatures.

- Overall, a granite countertop can provide a beautiful aesthetic appeal in your home. Since granite is a natural material, every countertop is just slightly different from the one before. As such, you know your new worksurface will be perfectly unique.

- When you choose a high-quality granite countertop, you can usually count on it being delivered sealed. The sealing process helps make granite a non-porous material, helping reduce the risk of staining.

While these features are worth considering, granite countertops have two main drawbacks: their price and maintenance requirements. As such, you may want to consider an alternative to help with this.

What Are the Best Alternatives to a Granite Countertop?

There are numerous different alternative countertop materials you could try. However, if you ask us, two of the best are quartz and Corian.

Corian is a brand of countertops made by DuPont. These work surfaces provide almost incomparable value for money, making them highly popular if you need a cheap and cheerful design. Notably, a Corian countertop can also come in any style you want since they are artificially made.

However, if you’re willing to pay a little more for a work surface that offers exceptional durability and hygiene, you could always consider a quartz countertop. Quartz countertops don’t need regular maintenance as they are naturally non-porous, preventing staining and making the surface much more hygienic. All the while, quartz countertops offer exceptional aesthetic appeal and value, making them a suitable solution for millions of homes. It’s no surprise that the quartz market is seeing an ACGR of around 9% - that’s a huge growth rate, and goes to show just how popular quartz is becoming as a countertop material!

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Final Thoughts

Both quartz and Corian countertops can be highly popular alternatives to granite. However, if you’re looking for a stunning aesthetic, the former definitely wins by a landslide for its authenticity and style. Nevertheless, as a budget-friendly option, we strongly recommend considering high-quality Corian work surfaces if you need something a little easier on the pocket.

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