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What Material is Better for Kitchen Countertops: Marble or Quartz

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We all dream to make our homes the best they can possibly be. With this thought in mind, you may have considered investing in either marble or quartz surfaces for your property – and these can both offer benefits and drawbacks alike. However, before you jump into things, it’s essential to consider the differences between marble and quartz countertops to determine which is best suited to your needs. Fortunately, we’ve summarized some of the main things you should know in this regard to help make your decision a little easier. Hopefully, this will help you find the right material for your kitchen countertops.

What Material is Better for Kitchen Countertops: Marble or Quartz?

If you need a new kitchen countertop but want something a little more stylish and sophisticated, you may have considered either quartz or marble. Both materials fall into the category of “up-market” materials, and are considered highly luxurious additions to any home. But which is better for use with kitchen countertops? The answer isn’t quite as simple as it seems initially, which is why we’ve outlined each material’s main pros and cons as follows.

The Case for Quartz: Excellent All-Rounder

Quartz could be ideal if you’re looking for a kitchen countertop that can do it all. Quartz is non-porous naturally, which prevents it from harboring pathogens or bacteria. This also helps reduce the risk of quartz staining after a spill, prolonging its life in your kitchen environment. Furthermore, of the two, quartz tends to be much more durable, which means you won’t have to worry much about scratching the surface during use.

As such, quartz could be ideal if you’re looking for a countertop that balances a breathtaking design with excellent durability and practicality.

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Marble Countertops: Better for Aesthetics

While quartz countertops are incredibly strong, it’s worth considering that they can shine in their own right. Indeed, there’s something immediately eye-catching about a polished marble surface, and you can be sure that these countertops will add an immediate “wow factor” to your kitchen.

From a practicality perspective, it’s also worth noting that marble is more heat resistant. As such, while you should be careful when using hot pans with quartz, this is much less concerning with a marble surface.

However, be careful not to scratch the surface, as marble is much less scratch-resistant than quartz. It’s also porous, meaning it will stain easily unless sealed. Therefore, while marble countertops are the clear winner if you’re looking for aesthetics alone, they fall down somewhat from a practical perspective. Thus, marble may not be ideal if you’re actually looking to use the worktop regularly for cooking.

Final Thoughts

Both marble and quartz are exceptionally stunning materials for use in kitchen countertops. However, if you have been unsure about each material’s benefits and drawbacks, we strongly recommend you consider the points we raised today. Or, if you’re still not convinced either way, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts; we’ll do what we can to help you find the right options.






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