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Why Is Quartz Stone the Best Material For Shower Walls?

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When remodeling your bathroom, choosing the right material for the shower wall is crucial. A shower is an essential part of a bathroom, usually made up of an enclosed shower stall, a shower or a bathtub. First of all, a shower is so functional that it allows you to have a daily shower in a convenient way. In addition, a shower can add decoration value to the bathroom as long as you use the suitable material. 


Quartz, a hard engineered stone, is the ideal material used for shower walls. Most homeowners find quartz stone’s applications in kitchen counters, but quartz stone is increasingly popular for bathroom uses like flooring, shower walls, vanity, etc. Therefore, why is quartz stone the best material for shower walls? As a professional quartz manufacturer, let’s tell you the answer. 

quartz stone for shower



With a non-porous surface, quartz stone can stop bacteria and germs from penetrating its surface. Besides, due to its special finish, quartz stone is highly water-resistant. Quartz stone is not prone to chipping and cracking for its super hard surface. The quartz shower wall can be used for a very long period if properly maintained.



It is easy to clean quartz shower walls, and wiping with a wet cloth is enough for daily cleaning. For deep cleaning, you can use a cleanser to clean the quartz stone but do not use the abrasive one. To keep your quartz shower wall shining, wiping with a mixture of water and vinegar works well. 


Diverse Design Options

Quartz is an engineered decorative material, offering multiple designs and color options to make your bathroom shine. Due to the advanced manufacturing technique, quartz stone can look like marble and other natural stone. Besides, different pigments and patterns can be added as you desire to create a unique appearance. Therefore, if you like to customize your shower wall material, quartz stone is the ideal choice.


Water-resistant Performance

A shower is prone to moisture and hot water. Quartz stone has excellent water-resistant performance and can withstand high temperatures. Being properly installed in the shower, quartz stone can last a very long time without getting damaged.


Affordable Price

Quartz stone has a relatively low price compared to other natural stones like marble granite on the market. Thus, at a lower cost, you can decorate your show with the materials of natural stone appearance.

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Where to Buy the Best Quartz Shower Wall?

Viva is a top manufacturer of quartz stone, offering solutions to the kitchen countertop, bathroom floor, shower wall, living room backsplash, etc. We offer countless design options as well as customization services. For more details about our products and services, welcome to contact us at sales@vivaquartzstone.com.






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