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Why You Should Choose Customized Quartz Slab?

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Quartz slabs are quite popular and you must have come across them more than once. Customizing your quartz slab gives you the option of having quartz produced and tailored to your specifications. 


Customized slabs also give you the option of having your unique design. That is there’d be no two of a kind. So if you’re planning on selling your house in the future, having custom quartz slabs in your apartment gives you an edge in the real estate market. They also give your space a sense of sophistication, style and originality.


You might wonder why you choose quartz to decorate your countertop? Quartz are not only strong but are highly scratch resistant.


It’s non-porous characteristic makes it resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria making it ideal for conditions with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms. As we all know, its scratch-free performance also makes it very suitable for kitchen and dining countertops.

 Why You Should Choose Customized Quartz Slab?

High-quality quartz slabs have improved the kitchen and bathroom, and added decoration. It can also be used with decorative items, walls and floors. Thus it affects the atmosphere of the entire room.


The benefits of choosing a custom quartz stone

● Highlight your style

When choosing customized quartz slabs, the possibilities are almost limitless. However, if you want to become a more advanced homeowner, then the options we provide will match your unique style. Using our quartz countertops, design and color choices can still help your home improvement stand out and become the focal point of the room.


● Fit your budget

The price range of quartz slabs is different. You may be surprised to find that even if you choose more affordable options, the quality still exists. Here, we keep in mind the various homeowners. Our customized countertops have both styles and prices to ensure the satisfaction of all customers.


● Meet your unique needs

Our custom manufacturing ensures that each slab is unique. Our countertops can also meet the needs of any homeowner and many homeowners. If you want an environmentally friendly bathroom or kitchen, please consider using Viva quartz slabs at home.


If your child likes to run around in the house and is prone to accidents, consider using bullnose edges (rounded) for your kitchen countertops. No matter what unique needs you have, you can customize the desktop for you.


Factors to consider when choosing your quartz slab

● Thickness

The purpose for you quartz would determine what level of thickness you’d go for. Typically thicker slabs are used in kitchen areas.


● Design details

From flecks to polished surfaces, polished, leather and even matte looks, they are a lot of design details to look out for.


● Seams

If you are looking for a seamless finishing, you should go for darker coloured quartz as they seem to hide seam finishing better than light colored ones.


Maintenance tips

● Don’t chop

Even though quartz slab are scratch resistant, you should resist the urge to use the surface for chopping food especially in the kitchen. Doing this continuously will eventually damage and scratch your slab.


● Avoid the use of abrasives

Never wipe the surface of your quartz slab with abrasives or strong cleaning agent. This is bad for your quartz stone and will reduce its service life. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth and mild soap solution to get rid of stains and dirt.


● Limited exposure to sunlight

Avoid over exposure of your quartz to sunlight as the ultraviolet rays will damage your quartz slab. If you do have them outdoors. Make use of awnings to shade them from direct sun rays.


● Don’t let stains lay

Wipe stains and spills as soon as you can.  Do not leave to dry. This might seem like a lot of work but it’s worth it in the long run.


We offer custom quartz slab tailored to your needs

Partner with us today for your customized quartz of high quality.  Contact Viva Quartz Stone today to get started on your order.

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