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The Exclusive Uniqueness of Viva Quartz Stone

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Among the various finishing materials used for floors and kitchen countertops, quartz stones are gradually taking over the marketplace. They seem to capture the heart of many homeowners.

The reason why everyone seems to flock around quartz for all their flooring and tiling needs isn’t far fetched. It is because they are outstandingly appealing. They can easily be customized to look very similar to natural stones and granite.

However, one major concern for many homeowners as well as quartz dealers is that the quality varies among the manufacturers. Some manufacturers have forgone the stipulate quality standard to obtain more profit. 

And here are some problems you may encounter.

1.Uneven Material Qualities

As an engineered stone, high-quality quartz usually made of about 93% quartz with a small proportion of dye and resin. With this, quartz has its unique non-porous, consistent color, and durable nature which they are known for.

However, some manufacturers do not follow a strictly fixed ratio of resin and quartz. The inconsistency in the proportion of raw materials will result in resin pooling and quality issues. 

2.Resin Pooling

When manufacturers use a higher percentage of resin in producing the quartz slab, resin pooling will occur. You can observe pools of colored resin on the surface of quartz slabs that poorly affect the looking. 

3.Dye Lot Inconsistency

Unlike natural stones such as granite that vary in the pattern, a high-quality quartz product is known for its dye consistency, and this makes them very reliable.

The unfixed ratio of raw materials can also cause a significant color change. This usually leads to a sudden pattern and color change on the quartz slab.  

4.Inconsistent Thickness

Some manufacturers do not enforce strict quality control and result in the thickness issue.

You may receive quartz slabs that are slightly thinner or thicker than their supposed thickness, and this can turn out a thorn in the butt. 

Viva Quartz Stone – Quality on Top

With our team of highly experienced professionals, as well as the high-end manufacturing equipment and machines, Foshan Viva Quartz Stone is renowned for adopting the best practices in our production process.

At Viva Quartz Stone, we follow a strictly fixed ratio of quartz and resin to ensure consistency in the pattern of quartz slabs. We also put in place various measures in our quality control process on our final products. 

Top on the list why you should choose us as a reliable and trustful partner for all your quartz stone needs: 


1.We Use Only High-Quality White Powder 

At Viva Quartz Stone, we employ a special grade of white powder in manufacturing our white quartz stone, and against using any whitening agent.

For this reason, our white quartz slabs will not turn yellow even after ten years of consistent use.

It may interest you to know that our special grade of white powder is about 7-8 times more expensive than every other regular white powder in the marketplace.

 The Exclusive Uniqueness of Viva Quartz Stone

2.We use TBPEH hardener

To remain the best in our trade, and to continually deliver the best quality quartz stone, we only use TBPEH hardener. It guarantees a higher degree of hardness to our quartz stones. 

This is out-rightly different from other manufacturers that employ both hardener and accelerant. The cheap hardener and accelerant will give slabs a low tensile strength and make them fragile.


 The Exclusive Uniqueness of Viva Quartz Stone-

3.We Strictly Control the Residual Monomers

Although the last on this list, this isn’t just our best practices to give you the best and premium quality quartz stone.

Our viva quartz stone manufactures with a low amount of residual monomers that meet the U.S. import standard. We maintain a high standard of quality, which is our watchword.

For more information on our production process as well as the purchase of exquisite quartz stone of the best quality, reach us and we are always ready to help you out. 

 The Exclusive Uniqueness of Viva Quartz Stone--

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