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VIVA Quartz Training Workshops

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-27      Origin: Site

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The strong growth of our quartz stone business prompted us to recruit more talented people to better serve our clients.  


On 26th August, we held a training workshop for our newly employed quartz stone sales team in the company’s conference room. This workshop was designed to help our employees to develop professional knowledge about quartz stone products. 

VIVA Quartz Training Workshops-

Our Sales Executive – Jimmy Leung led this workshop. He introduced the production process of quartz stone and unique features of VIVA’s various series of quartz slabs. Our team members also learned the various application of quartz slabs, such as quartz countertop, quartz vanity top, and quartz backsplash.


Quartz stone is an engineered stone that comprised about 93% of quartz, 7% of resin and pigments. This artificial quartz stone serves as a better alternative of natural stone for countertop materials because it is much cheaper and has higher quality.


At VIVA Quartz stone, our largest size of quartz slab can reach 3200x1800mm, 30mm thickness. We do not have any treatment on the quartz slab surface such as waxing to preserve your health. Moreover, our white color series quartz slab uses special-grade white powder, which is much more expensive (7-8 times than normal powder). Instead of using a whitening agent, VIVA Quartz Stone guarantees the quality.

VIVA Quartz Training Workshops

After developing a basic knowledge of quartz slab, team members visited the quartz slab showroom to observe special features of different types of quartz slabs. Throughout the workshop, our newly recruited members are humble and ask some interesting questions regarding the quartz slab, and our experienced members answered patiently.


In the near future, we will be organizing a field trip to the factory to learn more about how VIVA quartz slabs are made. Foshan VIVA Quartz Stone, being a quartz stone manufacturer and supplier for more than 15 years, is always delicate to provide the best quality service to our clients through continuous learning and training.


Calacatta Series
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